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XFCE + RHL 9.0 - lytez - 2003-12-14

[Image: big.png]

XFCE + RHL 9.0 - Oroshi - 2003-12-14

looks nice. but where did u get the right panel from? ya running KDE???


i runs Gnome heh.

XFCE + RHL 9.0 - lytez - 2003-12-14

Desktop Environment is XFCE, that thing on the right is GKrellm....never heard of it? your missing out! [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ohmy.png[/img]

XFCE + RHL 9.0 - Oroshi - 2003-12-14

yes i missed out hehe :)so now i've add it in my bookmark :)i will look in to it when i am not drunk hehe. at the moment i had too much beers hehehe :)hope it good say to you coz it Saturday :)

XFCE + RHL 9.0 - Oroshi - 2003-12-20

just finally got the xfce4 works. but when i press "PrtScn" to print screen but it seem doing nothing :( why is that and how can i do the print screen?


also how can i add the main menu like i use on Gnome, the RedHat icon there with all rest of menus init.


help me heh