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SITE LOGOS - Digerati - 2003-12-11

Which Logos does anyone like?


[Image: logo1.gif]


[Image: logo2.gif]


[Image: logo3.gif]


[Image: logo5.gif]


[Image: logo6.gif]

SITE LOGOS - anyweb - 2003-12-11

hey Digerati


thanks mate,


so far my favorite is number two, the one with LN in the penguin


but i want you to keep trying !! well done mate :)





SITE LOGOS - grep420 - 2003-12-11

I like the one in the center with the white bg behind the penguin.

SITE LOGOS - hatebred - 2003-12-11


i like the first one, but maybe with a question mark on tux's chest

SITE LOGOS - anyweb - 2003-12-11

good idea hatebred


diger, can you sort out one of them ?





SITE LOGOS - Guest - 2003-12-11

I would like to see some red on the chest :)

SITE LOGOS - Longbow - 2003-12-12

Quote:o_Oi like the first one, but maybe with a question mark on tux's chest
Yeh first one is the best for me, but leave the logo alone, it looks good just normal :)

SITE LOGOS - splint0r - 2003-12-12

I like the logo that has LN tattooed on the penguins chest; looks professionally personalized and whenever i think of linux, I always think penguin, so I think that fits a good logo. B)

SITE LOGOS - kZo - 2003-12-12

Personally I really like the looks of the L/N on the chest of the penguin. However the blue background looks a little off due to the fact of the white border around tux. It's very, sharp looking I guess.


Maybe if you can blur some of the white blocks around tux, we might have a winna.


SITE LOGOS - Digerati - 2003-12-15

I added a new logo with a question mark on the chest but I cant seem to figure out if I can edit the poll so that I we can have an option to vote on it.