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Need quick help Please ! - mamado diyara - 2010-05-21

Hello there,


I have a Dell Latitude D610 with 1.60GHz, and it was showing a Centerino Mobilty Technology when starting windows XP,

but when I flash the Bios suddenly the Bios changed to intel M.

Actually I tried to install the Bios driver A06 from Dell website but it gave me the same result.

Please if somebody can help me to reback the same driver for my laptop, I mean the Centrino reading in starting Windows so I will be happy.

Thank you so much in advanced


mamado diyara

Need quick help Please ! - anyweb - 2010-05-21

it will say centrino as long as you have an intel wireless card in it (it's a marketing term)

so did you change wireless card ? and are you running linux on it or what >