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Wayland to be replace xorg (Maybe!) - Oroshi - 2018-05-10

Hello Folks,


They may be possible to replace the Wayland from Xorg. Fedora already start using Wayland. 


more information can be found on:



I am currently runs Fedora 28. I find Wayland is much faster than xorg and much smoother, only downside that you may not be able to install driver such as nVidia etc.. In the future they may bring out the driver for it. I have not test any gaming with Wayland yet due to lack of time lol. When I get around with it, I can give the update. 

Wayland to be replace xorg (Maybe!) - inittux - 2018-11-06

I heard of wayland, but will be sticking to xorg for now since all my video card are nvida cards. If there is no nvidia support I won't be able to

play games under Linux with wayland. Let us know once you test wayland with gaming under Linux will be interesting to hear your experiences.

Wayland to be replace xorg (Maybe!) - Oroshi - 2018-11-07

I did tried to play Doom on it, the screen kept flicker. Wayland is just early, it runs fast tho.