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coming soon...... - anyweb - 2008-11-25

hi all,


as some of you are aware from the results of the current poll, the forums need a change, an update, something to take them out of that 2007 feeling... heh, well that will happen as soon as IPB moves to version 3,


so, if you'd like to get a sneak preview of what that looks like, then take a look here


nice !




coming soon...... - hybrid - 2008-11-25

Looks like a nice new refresh!


What will be done about the main top logo? Will we need a/some new logo(s) for the new theme?

coming soon...... - anyweb - 2008-11-25

i guess new logos will be needed but i'm not sure,


feel free to get Gimp out in the meantime :)