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PAE and RAM - jscheponik - 2008-10-06

I am currently running Fedora 8 32bit version. It's only recognizeing 3.1Gb of the 4GB of ram I have installed. I tried to install the PAE for my kernel but it says its already installed. Is there anything else I need to do to make it recognize the rest of my RAM? Any info would be appreciated. If there is any other info you need from me on this please let me know.

PAE and RAM - anyweb - 2008-10-06

does your bios report 4gb ram ?

PAE and RAM - jscheponik - 2008-10-15

Quote:does your bios report 4gb ram ?


Yes the bios does report all 4GB

PAE and RAM - joe0121 - 2012-08-30

I notice a bit of overhead for ram in my systems. reports 15.6 g of 16... though you are reporting nearly 25%