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    uninstall rpm's

    you SHOULD only install rpm's as root does that answer your question ?
  2. anyweb

    An Updated image.

    nice shots, now where's your Fedora 11 screenies
  3. "My eldest son is ten years old. He as been using computers in one way or another since he was 4, and he has already seen Linux because I had installed Ubuntu and SLED 10 on his XP computer some years ago. He impressed me some years ago when he got into bzflags, but he never really got interested in Linux simply because of the lack of games (that interested him). It's now early July, and tonite Christopher did a yum update after he had a problem getting compiz to work properly. That's pretty cool because at the start of June, I set him a challenge to use nothing but Linux on his computer for a month (I thought he'd last a few days and then give up). The month has passed and I wanted to see what Christopher thought about using Linux daily." way to go Christopher !!!!!
  4. wow excellent answer thanks hybrid ! I'll test this out as soon as I can and report back thanks again
  5. hi all i have some virtual webservers in apache and if i leave out the www infront of the address eg: http://windows-noob.com it will open up https://www.linux-noob.com which is quite funny but not the desired result my httpd.conf file looks ok (i think) so where does the problem lie ? with DNS, or with httpd.conf ? NameVirtualHost <VirtualHost> ServerAlias www.linux-noob.com ServerAdmin anyweb@linux-noob.com DocumentRoot /websites/linux ServerName linux-noob.com </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost> # ServerAlias www.windows-noob.com ServerAdmin anyweb@linux-noob.com DocumentRoot /websites/windows ServerName www.windows-noob.com </VirtualHost>
  6. looks like its crashing try this yum clean all and then yum update
  7. i think we have to wait until either ATI releases a video driver thats compatible with Fedora 11, or get you a new video card (nvidia)
  8. ok great, and is it working properly *fedora 11* ?
  9. ok first things first please dont attempt this upgrade unless you are willing to learn and understand that it might fail meaning you might need to reinstall, i mean it gave me problems but i was lucky enough to resolve them... I've no idea what this driver is xorg-x11-drv-jamstudio-1.1.0-2.fc7.i386.rpm but if its not ok then yum will tell you. to find where the files are stored, just before you do the wget commands type pwd to print the working directory you can do dir > list.txt in linux too now... are all your questions below related to upgrading fedora 10 to fedora 11 or are you just asking for general linux advice ?
  10. hi what distro are you running and why are you running startx ? most modern distros boot straight into X these days cheers anyweb
  11. hi bakshara to avoid confusion, can you post the questions on the other thread, that way we keep this one on topic
  12. hot on the heels of Fedora 11 comes ... "Red Hat today officially announced the beta availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4, which in my view is a lot more than a typical point release. Sure we're all waiting for the big RHEL 6 release, but there are some major changes in RHEL 5.4. The most obvious change is the shift to the KVM hypervisor (as opposed to Xen). Xen is still in RHEL, but with RHEL 5.4, Red Hat is signaling its intention that KVM (eventually) is to be Red Hat's preferred Hypervisor. It's a preference that Red Hat execs have indicated at multiple points this year and should be no surprise since Red Hat now owns lead KVM vendor Qumranet." via > http://www.osnews.com/story/21758/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_5_4_Beta_Released
  13. i'm happy to report that after i attempted a yum update, yum prompted me to continue the transaction yum-complete-transaction and updated the remaining bits, i then rebooted and wow, really nice boot with fedora 11 and lovely new icons on the desktop, looks great so far
  14. the amount of packages python referenced was hundreds, so i decided to NOT remove python however, today (with some help from a linux guru) I downloaded and then rpm'd the following packages which seems to allow yum to start now without any errors, all I have to do is test it with an internet connection which I will later this evening
  15. and after i woke up this morning the screen on my laptop was a bit garbled, I couldnt log in but I could open another cli (ctrl_alt_f2) i logged in as root there and did reboot after the reboot, all looks fine and even broadcom wireless is working ! nice but........... and a big but, yum is broken due to two versions of python and so, how do I fix yum ?
  16. and that was how in case others run into the same problem
  17. today I decided to update my Fedora 10 laptop to Fedora 11 seeing as it's been out a while now and settled down. the first thing to do was to get some files wget ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/Linux/distributions/fedora/linux/releases/11/Fedora/i386/os/Packages/fedora-release-notes-11.0.0-2.fc11.noarch.rpm wget ftp://ftp.sunet.se/pub/Linux/distributions/fedora/linux/releases/11/Fedora/i386/os/Packages/fedora-release-11-1.noarch.rpm once done login as root using su - change to the directory where you download those files above and execute the following command rpm -Uvh fedora-release-notes-11.0.0-2.fc11.noarch.rpm fedora-release-notes-11.0.0-2.fc11.noarch.rpm then yum clean all then yum update after in gets all the updates it will then install them (1151 in my case) it will then prompt you to import the new GPG key for Fedora 11 and run a Transaction test this can take a long time.. so be patient and don't interupt it after running the transaction test, it will run the transaction itself, so once again, be patient after a long while, the transaction will start to scroll in your cli, and in my case 2211 transactions had to be done... at this point it was late and it was at transaction 323 of 2211, so I went to bed and let it continue overnight
  18. what program are you trying to run and what distro is it the only thing i can think you mean would be your /home folder eg /home/anyweb but without more details i could be hopelessly wrong cheers
  19. anyweb

    new look complete

    ok the forums are now updated to final release 3.0.0 and blog 2 enjoy
  20. i copied over the tahoma font but have not done the transgaming thing yet, should i ??? when I start steam it indeed fires up, and logs in and i see the steam app, but when I click on Launch to launch counterstrike it just does nothing... here is the same thing from cli any ideas ?
  21. interesting that you say this, however we still havnt managed to get a common (and old) game, Counter Strike Source to work in Fedora 11 on my sons PC, I followed what info I could find online (installed wine via yum) but it never starts the game, steam installed fine... but that was about it i'm contemplating taking the ati video card out and using the onboard intel as a test, but do you have any ideas about it ? otherwise the Vista dual boot will remain for a long time on that pc
  22. ok i missed the bit about fedora 10, cool, i'm still using f10 here, so you can definetly install wine that way (i've just done it, and it works fine).
  23. great stuff Christopher ! I'm proud of you !!!!
  24. why are you using Fedora 9 its not supported any more, as in out of date, Fedora 11 is the latest release and its excellent ! you need to start using the tools that come with the distro so to install wine just do this open a terminal (like a command prompt) and change the user to root by doing this su - once done, enter roots password when asked then try this yum install wine cheers
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