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  1. yeah i wonder too as i cannot re-enable the 3d/compiz whatever now whatever i try, i think some update killed it and i'm forced to use the classic interface just noticed my audio button has disappeared from the systray and in accessories/advanced settings no Shell is listed (everything else is set to default)
  2. well i rebooted and it was back but at the login screen i can now choose either classic or the new gnome, at the moment i'm using classic. perhaps this is an update ?
  3. thing is, i dont want to switch back, not right now, so i'll leave it the way it is and see what happens
  4. I did an update today on my fedora 16 laptop and after a reboot i noticed that Gnome is not looking like it has since well.. since they changed to the new format. It's actually refreshing to see that it's usable again, i can minimize windows and so forth... so does this mean that Gnome is listening to people or is it just a quirk in the update i got ? see screenshot..
  5. nowadays I use Microsoft Security Essentials, its quiet, does it job and works very well, I uninstalled AVG as it just got extremely annoying with its' never ending popups which were as annoying as virus's themselves
  6. anyweb

    Hi @ all

    welcome to linux-noob.com !
  7. anyweb


    well welcome to the site, we are all noobs, or at least, I am :-)
  8. ok upgrade to F16 and now the gnome bar has returned at the top of FireFox and all apps, do you know if there's a fix for that also ?
  9. updating f15 now to f16 will report back later
  10. added it, wow what a difference, thanks a million !
  11. well i think something must have changed recently i notice the 'issue' most in my hotmail, when trying to read mails there the Flash/shockwave/whatever advertisement on the right side of the page causes firefox to slow to a crawl and it becomes pratically unusable until i either kill npiviewer or lower the quality of the current ad from high to low.. very very annoying at the moment,
  12. i guess i'm 32 bit then, i've checked the flags (lm) in cat /proc/cpuinfo and they exist so the hardware is 64bit capable am i screwed then ?
  13. that link doesn't work for me dave, am i runnin x64 i'm not sure, [anyweb@localhost ~]$ uname -ar Linux localhost.localdomain #1 SMP Mon Jan 23 15:44:18 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
  14. i've always noticed npviewer.bin causing my browsing to become slow but its getting worse and worse lately, today for example the cpu usage was at 181%, i mean how can it get so high and that process is using all the bandwidt showing nothing but ad's, aside from blocking ad's is there a way to improve this at all ? i use fedora 15.
  15. yeah happy belated birthday ! how old are you ?
  16. this webserver is running Centos and will stay that way for as long as I can forsee, I like working with RPM based distributions, always have
  17. anyweb


    i didn't know that, ok so what's a better way and is it hard to setup ?
  18. anyweb


    thanks Dave, that worked great
  19. anyweb


    is it possible to add another user/password to my already configured .htpasswd file ?
  20. lol, agreed brilliant !
  21. anyweb


    looks alright, and the price is ok, do up a review when you get one
  22. anyweb

    RHEL 6.1 Screenshot

    ah, reminds me of centos and gnome 2
  23. thanks guys and thanks for helping out with the site ! I promise to keep it alive for as long as i'm around :-)
  24. i've had mine reporting 1.6GB of ram
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