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  1. yeah i wonder too as i cannot re-enable the 3d/compiz whatever now whatever i try, i think some update killed it and i'm forced to use the classic interface


    just noticed my audio button has disappeared from the systray and in accessories/advanced settings no Shell is listed (everything else is set to default)



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  2. I did an update today on my fedora 16 laptop and after a reboot i noticed that Gnome is not looking like it has since well.. since they changed to the new format. It's actually refreshing to see that it's usable again, i can minimize windows and so forth...

    so does this mean that Gnome is listening to people or is it just a quirk in the update i got ?


    see screenshot..



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  3. well i think something must have changed recently i notice the 'issue' most in my hotmail, when trying to read mails there the Flash/shockwave/whatever advertisement on the right side of the page causes firefox to slow to a crawl and it becomes pratically unusable until i either kill npiviewer or lower the quality of the current ad from high to low..


    very very annoying at the moment,



  4. i've always noticed npviewer.bin causing my browsing to become slow but its getting worse and worse lately, today for example the cpu usage was at 181%, i mean how can it get so high and that process is using all the bandwidt showing nothing but ad's, aside from blocking ad's is there a way to improve this at all ? i use fedora 15.

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