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  1. thanks guys and thanks for helping out with the site ! I promise to keep it alive for as long as i'm around :-)
  2. i've had mine reporting 1.6GB of ram
  3. nice, so how does it feel ? gnome 3 i mean ? isn't this a newer version than what I have on Fedora 15 ?
  4. yes i'm used to it and like it actually, took some time to get used to it is slower than gnome 2 however but aside from that, after i added my 'fixes' it's great and suspend finally works 100% now also, so upgrading to f15 was a good move
  5. anyweb

    Bash Primer?

    first tip:- if you need help with a command type man command replace the word command with whatever you need help on, eg: man top second tip:- get used to using a text editor called vi, it's in nearly all linux distros out there and you'll need it to read the help files which are nearly always text based third tip:- linux (unlike windows) is case sensitive so a command like this will work top whereas Top will most likely fail
  6. you could set up rate lmiting so after three failed attempts (or so) it's disconnects, also deny root login via ssh, it's a bad idea
  7. it's so long ago now that i can hardly remember when i created the domain name, however archive.org shows a snapshot of it back in 8th of december 2003 http://web.archive.org/web/20031208053855/https://www.linux-noob.com/ wow.. it started off as my personal homepage, with lots of linux links etc and then had some linux faq's, guides and finally forums in 2004 http://web.archive.org/web/20040602215327/http://linux-noob.com/forums/ipdl.php
  8. anyweb

    DNS issues

    apologies for the recent lack of service here due to changing DNS provider (forced, not by choice) thanks to Peter for helping me resolve the issues, hopefully all ok now cheers niall
  9. and yesterday i saw that Firefox is already up to version 6.0.2 i use it on several computers and sometimes don't use those other computers for weeks or months and as soon as i start Firefox i have to go through the whole update cycle...
  10. should be ok now the problem was two fold 1. I forgot to renew my ownership of the linux-noob.com domain 2. I didn't migrate the 4 DNS name servers after Dyndns bought out and subsequently closed down everydns.net I have resolved both issues and as you can see we are online again sorry ! cheers niall
  11. can you reach other sites at the same time ? i havn't noticed any connection problems to the site, thankfully so are you getting errors with google also ? could you be having connection issues ?
  12. anyweb


    adding the two drives into the same machine isnt hard, have you tried it ? are they ide or sata ? if ide you'll need to jumper them, once the drives are in to dual boot you'll need to configure your boot loader (grub)
  13. i game when i get the chance which is rare sadly o my gaming system is an old xps 600 with 4gb ram, nvidia something video card, but it plays the games i like like battlefield 1942/desert combat my eldest son will be getting bf3 so if it's fantastic, then who knows....
  14. yes i think it's going to fast, before it used to change versions very frequently ie: 3.2>3.3 and so on but now they seem to be making major jump releases in versions, first came Firefox version 4, then 5 and now 6 !! all in a few months
  15. just write however you feel, try to make a point about whatever it is you are writing about
  16. for me it's Centos on the server, Fedora on the desktop
  17. ah Centos is such an excellent distro, i must admit, i've not had a problem with it since starting with it (for the remote web server). thumbs up !! love the old Gnome 2 too !
  18. i don't use facebook, but if it did the first command i'd try would be rm -rf facebook
  19. is it possible to easily upgrade from centos 5.6 to 6 ? or must it be a new install, the linux-noob.com server is running on 5.6 any big advantages to upgrading ?
  20. personally i dont mind paying for something if it does the job and works as expected, so if Google is charging a few bucks for Android that's ok with me, its a great phone system
  21. ok should work now, please try again, sorry for the hassle.
  22. you do have rights now, sorry for the delay been busy i've created a News Poster group and permissions set, you are in it, please test posting news in the Linux News section cheers niall
  23. well thanks to Peter for assisting me with it, and for his great work on the new logo(s) if you notice any problems then please post them here cheers !
  24. the site will be upgraded during the day, i've tested a lot of it over the weekend so hopefully it should be a smooth and quick process, but just in case if there are any glitches, well now you know why ok ? cheers niall
  25. testing linux-noob.com forum upgrade

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