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  1. the error could be the SATA mode of your hdd, can you please post the exact error you get and tell us when you see it (is it during setup, or after) ?
  2. It's no secret that when it comes to KDE-based distributions, Kubuntu isn't exactly the cream of the crop. With the release of Kubuntu Karmic Alpha 5, the KDE4 desktop delivered with Kubuntu received some much-needed love. Let's take a look at what the Kubuntu people are doing. First and foremost, with the upcoming 9.10 "Karmic Koala" release of Kubuntu, the distribution upgrades KDE to KDE 4.3, and this alpha release already contains the recently released KDE 4.3.1 bugfix release. KDE 4.3 brings many needed improvements to the KDE4 desktop. This release also comes with Plasma's new netbook-oriented interface. Finally, Kubuntu also takes the nessecary steps to make Gtk+/GNOME applications look nice and well-integrated in a Qt/KDE environment by shipping the QtCurve engine. The Gtk+ Appearance System Settings module also makes a comeback so you get fine-grained control over the Gtk+/GNOME applications running in KDE. About time, I'd say, other KDE distributions have had this for a while. more > http://www.osnews.com/story/22113/Kubuntu_Gets_Some_Love
  3. "If you're running newer hardware, there are some definite advantages to installing a 64-bit operating system. But, if you still need to run any 32-bit applications, you'll need to have the 32-bit support libraries installed. Different Linux distros handle this in different ways. For 64-bit Ubuntu, finding the proper 32-bit support packages is a simple matter of opening up the Synaptic Package Manager, and searching for the string 'ia32'. With 64-bit openSuSE, 32-bit support is already built-in, so you don't have to do anything. With Fedora, though, it's a whole different story. Not only are the 32-bit packages not already installed, the Fedora folk don't provide any documentation on how to install them. The directions I found via Google were outdated, and wouldn't work. I finally resolved the problem by asking a Red Hat employee in my local Linux Users Group." via > http://www.osnews.com/story/22116/Installing_32bit_Support_Into_64bit_Fedora
  4. The fourth update in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 family is released. From the press release: this version includes kernel-based virtual machine virtualization, alongside of Xen virtualization technology. The scalability of the Red Hat virtualization solution has been incremented to support 192 CPUs and 1GB hugepages. Other updates including GCC 4.4 and a new malloc(), clustered, high-availability filesystem to support Microsoft Windows storage needs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Also, support for technologies such as FCoE for storage environments and SR-IOV to improve virtual I/O performance and management included. On a side note, this article covers the upgrade procedure to RHEL v5.4 from the previous version. via osnews.com
  5. In sync with its release schedule, the KDE team has released KDE 4.3.1, the latest and greatest in the KDE line. This monthly release includes fixes for many outstanding bugs, including several crash fixes, and support for transferring files over ssh via KIO::Fish. Those who use KDE can wait for it to be updated on its own or can always download it themselves. On a sadder note, a family member of one of the developers on the team recently passed away; this release is dedicated to her. "KDE 4.3.1 is dedicated to Emma Hope Pyne, the daughter of Michael Pyne. Emma Hope suddenly passed away last week. The KDE community feels incredibly sad about this loss and wishes Michael and the family and friends all the strength needed to cope with the loss of Emma Hope." Our best wishes go out to Michael and his family. more > http://www.osnews.com/story/22097/KDE_4_3_1_Released
  6. fair enough, but still when people join a forum to post three links offsite to other sites run by 'them' it doesn't look good. Just a word of advice

  7. dont link three other sites on your very first post, that makes you look like a spammer, in addition don't sign up as two users on the site using the same IP just to make it look like someone actually likes your post

  8. Jesse Keating has announced the availability of Fedora 12 Alpha, the first public development release of the distribution's upcoming new version: "Fedora 12 'Constantine' Alpha release is available. Among the top features for end users we have: better webcam support with out-of-the-box support for many new webcams; Empathy as the default instant messaging client; GNOME 2.27.90 beta and KDE 4.3; Network Manager mobile broadband; better free video codec in the improved Ogg Theora video encoder code-named 'Thusnelda'; PackageKit improvements with plugins to install applications from a web browser or command line; PulseAudio improvements; better power management...." via distrowatch.com
  9. Adam Williamson reports that the Fedora project is now producing automated nightly live builds of Rawhide, its development branch - now you can test the freshest Rawhide without having to install it at all. Grab the nightly builds here.
  10. i'd strongly recommend you upgrade the RAM to 1gb or so, 256 these days is just going to cause a bad experience with just about any os also, take a look at Fedora as well as Ubuntu, Fedora 11 is the current release cheers
  11. great write up next time ya might do one here
  12. We already discussed David Finch, Dell's senior product marketing manager for Linux clients, last week. We missed, however, some more interesting statements by Finch; Dell is looking into the ARM-based netbook smartbook market, and close to a third of all of Dell's netbooks ship with Linux. Even though Dell is only the fifth-largest manufacturer of netbooks in the world, it is widely praised by the Linux community as one of the few vendors who does this whole Linux OEM thing right: a well-supported, default Ubuntu installation, without toy user interfaces or software releases that are two years old. Finch told PCWorld that Dell is about to update their Linux offering to the latest version of Ubuntu somewhere in the coming weeks. more > http://www.osnews.com/story/22002/Close_to_a_Third_of_Dell_Netbooks_Ship_with_Linux
  13. It's the end of the world. Again. According to some Linux developers and security researchers, a bug in the Linux kernel has just been uncovered that makes just about every distribution utilizing kernel 2.4 and 2.6 on just about all architectures since May of 2001 vulnerable to a certain kind of attack. I'm not any sort of developer, so basically all of this makes no sense to me except that whatever comprises the aforementioned bug allows an attacker to escalate local privileges and completely compromise the entire system. Julien Tinnes, a security researcher who does know his way around kernel code, wrote the following details about the bug. more > http://www.osnews.com/story/21993/Eight_Years_of_Linux_Kernel_Vulnerable
  14. you can place commands that you want run on every boot in /etc/rc.d/rc.local take a look at that file and add a line to setup your share in there cheers anyweb
  15. fixed it ! you need separate cron jobs for each site you want stats for plus that cron job must point to a unique webalizer.conf file for that site, the log files referenced in webalizer.conf must be for each unique site in addition i had to create some additional directories and edit the webalizer.conf file for each site separatly with some additional settings make some new dirs for webalizer [root@linux-noob]# mkdir /var/lib/webalizer/websites [root@linux-noob]# mkdir /var/lib/webalizer/websites/windows [root@linux-noob]# mkdir /var/lib/webalizer/websites/linux [root@linux-noob]# vi webalizer.conf [root@linux-noob]# sh /etc/cron.daily/01webalizer verify the following paths are correct for separate logging in webalizer for each website so for linux-noob.com webalizer stats and for windows-noob.com webalizer stats
  16. hi all as part of the server complete overhaul, i'm now for the first time separating webalizer stats for my websites (virtualhosts) as I havn't done this before perhaps i am doing it wrong so please let me know if thats the case i've had to create a webalizer.conf for site A (this one) and in the conf file i have the options i want... now the next bit is telling cron to run it, i already see there is a cron job in /etc/cron.daily/00webalizer so i edit it to point to the linux noob website location and tell it to look for those log files plus point it to the stats directory it works, i now have stats for linux-noob.com only, so, do I create a separate conf file for each site in turn and create a separate cron job for each ? why is there a 00 infront of this cron job ?
  17. yeah i hope they sort it out, linux-noob.com is running on Centos 5.3 now (since January)
  18. anyweb


    full story > http://www.itnewstoday.com/?p=690
  19. According to six concerned CentOS developers, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone is poised on the edge of the abyss. In an open letter posted to the CentOS website and the project mailing list, six fellow developers accuse project co-founder Lance Davis of putting the entire project at risk by disappearing from everyday involvement without ceding control to others. "You seem to have crawled into a hole...and this is not acceptable," the letter reads. "Please do not kill CentOS through your fear of shared management of the project." According to the letter, Davis has seemingly disappeared while still maintaining sole control of the CentOS domain and sole "Founders" rights in the project's IRC channels. "This is not proper," the letter says - twice. full story > http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/07/30/centos_open_letter/
  20. welcome back znx, i'm very happy to see you back here, I mean it your powers are reinstated !
  21. Most mainstream distributions, like Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mandriva, have already adopted a time-based release schedule, meaning that releases are not done on a feature basis, but according to a pre-determined time schedule. The Debian project has announced that it has adopted a time-based release schedule too. via osnews.com
  22. excellent info and i'd love to implement this but i'm so lacking with one thing, time, can you please expand on the following as I'm interested in hearing more about it my webserver is serving more than windows-noob and linux-noob but i really need to get them replying properly and i like these ideas, so more info please and thanks !
  23. you have great english! no need to worry, as regards your problem, as hybrid says please give us info on the graphics card and monitor, be careful not to leave the system in this state for long as it may damage the video card chip
  24. So, Microsoft submits 20000 lines of code to the Linux kernel, all licensed under the GPL. Microsoft, who considers Linux a great threat, and once called the GPL a "cancer". Opinions on this one are flying all around us, but what does Linus Torvalds, Linux' benevolent dictator, think about all this? Linus hasn't actually looked at the code yet. It's driver code, low-risk and he isn't very interested in driver code anyway. He trusts the maintainers will do their jobs. "I'll likely look at it when the code is actually submitted to me by the maintainers (Greg [Kroah-Hartman], in this case), just out of morbid curiosity," Linus adds. As most of you will be aware of, Linus is very forthright, and generally doesn't hold back when it comes to his opinions. He's also very pragmatic, and both of these qualities come forward quite clearly when Linus talks about Microsoft's code drop. I'm not going to squeeze his words into running text. more > http://www.osnews.com/story/21887/Linus_Microsoft_Hatred_is_a_Disease
  25. anyweb

    uninstall rpm's

    i don't understand your point, what are you trying to do ?
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