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  1. Taken from ---> http://easylinux.info/wiki/Fedora_frog <--- Fedora Frog can: * Install extra repositories [RPMForge] Note: Not all repositories are mutually compatible. See the Warning mixing repositories * Install GUI frontend for yum [yumex] * Install commonly needed multimedia codecs * Install DVD playback capability * Install Java JRE and its plugin for Firefox * Install Macromedia Flash plugin for Firefox * Install extra fonts (including msttcorefonts) * Install graphics drivers for nVidia and ATI cards * Install Gnome Configuration Editor * Install numlockx to turn on NumLock on startup * Set up Gnome to open System Monitor every time you push Alt-Ctrl-Del * Disable CD blocking in CD-ROM * Set up Nautilus to open new folders in the same window * Install rar archiver * Install Adobe PDF reader Note: This is not necessery to read PDF documents, you can read them using Evince too. * Install Gwenview and digiKam imageviewers * Install XMMS (analog of Winamp) * Install amaroK media player * Install stream directory browser Streamtuner * Install CD ripper Grip * Install Xine, VLC, Mplayer multimedia players * Install RealPlayer 10 * Install Skype * Install Thunderbird e-mail client * Install Liferea RSS reader * Install Opera web browser * Install CD/DVD burning utility K3b * Install FTP utility gFTP * Install File share utility DC++ * Install P2P BitTorrent client Azureus * Install P2P eMule Client aMule * Install P2P Gnutella Client LimeWire * Install KDE Edutainment programms * Install Photo-realistic nightsky renderer Stellarium * Install Some additional games * Install Alacarte Gnome menu editor * Install Shortcut to browse files as root * Install Some desktop backgrounds, icons, themes and screensavers * Install fortune and make Gnome Fish-applet to use it To install Fedora Frog run these commands in terminal [Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal ] wget -c http://easylinux.info/uploads/frog.tar.gz tar zxvf frog.tar.gz -C ~ To run Fedora Frog run: xterm -e ~/.frog/frog.run Troubleshooting What is zenity and where to get it If you have problems with zenity try as root (su -) yum install zenity tar: C: Not found in archive Try tar zxvf frog.tar.gz xterm -e .frog/frog.run
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