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  1. Ok well I got the drivers from my system32\drivers folder and they said they get the inf and sys file. well the only files that are making it work is an .out and sys file, no inf. so it said load the driver: ndiswrapper -l ''filename.inf''. after execing this, it gave "Command not found" What I did before I installed this. the ndis folder is on my desktop, and I went to the terminal and directed my self to the desktop and installed the ndis from my desktop. im not even sure if i did this right. like putting the ndis in to a certain folder before i install it. Wow im so lost.
  2. Alright success on installing ndiswrapper, but then after installation it said, Must reinstall windows drivers, if driver were installed before. Dunno what this means. Also I still dont understand anything when you said installing the source from the rpm.
  3. The install was a success, although I still cant get a connection, because of my wireless adapter. Its the linksys usb 2.6 adapter. So I just tried installing these drivers here http://atmelwlandriver.sourceforge.net/news.html. And I dont understand one thing about installing anything in Linux. Now I could really use the support, especially for this task, because I would like to get connected using my adapter.
  4. Well it is 7:30am and im burning each fedora cd hopefully i'll begin installation tonight or tomorrow. I may need your support, so i'll contact your from my laptop if I need anything
  5. Well I ended up using PM to partition the drive, I was scared to use the built in function, not sure if I knew what I was doing . Imdual booting, I have a a Logical 10Gig Ext2 created with a 1024 SWAP. Im using the 4 discs, I actually getting ready to burn the images.
  6. Ok now does the workstation have the same features as Personal Desktop with added components or, do you have to add them individually?
  7. Well I need to get used to partitioning in linux and not using the GUI PM8. I need to Part my hard drive with fedore which i'm getting ready to install here within the next couple of days. Do any of you have a walkthrough, white paper or some tips to help me out?
  8. Im not running a flavor right now, but in the past when i was trying it out, knoppix 3.1 was the best and to this day I still think it is.
  9. Heh yeah the AMD64 does me good, I love it. Its awsome. Ok so mainly just stick with FC. I sure hope this helps me. Sometime this week Im going to swap out the router with the adapter and begin installing FC. I appreciate the help. I'll be back here if I need any help
  10. Well, from what I have played around with in the past the only distros that I tested for myself were: RH, Knoppix, Linspire/Lindows, Mandrake, CL, FC. Out of all of these distros I seemed more interested in Mandrake, Knoppix, and RH which I hear now is FC. (AFAIK). So from your opinion and experience, what would be the best for a beginner. Another problem I have had is getting the drivers to work with my hardware. Im sure everyones had this problem . I just built a new computer, so hopefully you can lead me in a right direction. MSI Neo4 Platinum SLi Dual Channel Motherboard MSI GeForce N
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    Well I appreciate the greets, Im going add a post in the other part of the forum for my problem since this is the greet room . I will specify my problem after this along with my specs and maybe one of you pro's could help me out. And i'm also looking forward to meeting new people.
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    Fortunately im using windows right now. This is only until I can get a router in my room, since Linux doesnt support most linksys adapters. . Im thinking of swapping out the router that my parents use with the adapter that way I can run a distro, and hopefully permanently . Another reason Im not running it is cause I just built a new computer and has been a while to know which distro supports my hardware.
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    Sup, my name is Branden and im 22. I currently live in central Florida and am going to school for computer programming and analysis(AS).
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