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  1. Lem0


    ive heard a little about needing new nvidia drivers to run games in linux. could anyone tell me more about that?
  2. Lem0

    exe files

    btw, it kinda repaired itself after awhile. since then, though, i caught sasser and reformatted with rh9.. and here i am again.
  3. got sasser on my Xp, so i reformatted linux. i'll be using it as my single home-based thing from here on out
  4. Apparently the disk a friend burned for me isnt bootable...
  5. Lem0


    Here's to crashing together! ::toast::
  6. Lem0

    exe files

    I have an idea. Could someone who's running xp look in the registry and tell me the entries for the following folders: HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Classes > .exe HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Classes > .exe > PersistantHandler
  7. Lem0

    exe files

    So I finally decided to switch back to my xp harddrive and battle the viruses. I cleaned them up thanks to www.trendmirco.com but they've left a little damage. Exe files wont run anymore without circumventing some things... Double-clicking an exe file, using a shortcut to it, or attempting to run it from the run dialogue gives an error "Windows cannot find '[file]'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search." However, I can get around this by right-clicking it, using "run as" and using any setting i
  8. ive never seen concole text move that fast before in my life. i gazed at it for a few minutes, then went to make myself some eggs. thanks for the info about how to get wine setup for gaming!
  9. Lem0

    Transplant Ish

    My harddrive used to not be able to shut down from gui. I would have to go to lengths to get it to shut down peacefully, but when it went through the text-displaying process, it gave a couple kernel errors about inability to flush idde devices... or something. I solved it by auctually screwing the drive in place securely, and it hasn't acted up since. It might or might not help for you, but it's worth a check.
  10. Lem0

    My work

    No matter how cool your incredibly awesome server rooms are, I have a ("a" being one--the only one I own) computer that has to have its ethernet cord duct-taped to keep the plug securely touching the contacts in the adaptor. Your computers may be much bigger, much badder, and far more numerous, but I have one with character. I'll take a pic as soon as my likewise ghetto webcam finally decides to start working again.
  11. Lem0


    Whoa. I didn't know it was even possible for windows to run that long.
  12. There's something to be said for making tasks harder so you have more of a challenge, though. It's called masochism.
  13. It could be that you're creating a new partition when you go to install Linux, and that it isn't large enough. Aside from that, anything else I can think of is exceedingly unlikely such as the quality of your cd burner.. (Edit): Good job taking a pitcture of your monitor with a camera, by the way.
  14. Lem0


    I am a testiment to the patience of the members of this site. The reward for most console errors off a fresh boot goes to MEEEEEE!
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