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  1. Hey everyone, I was looking to watch some videos on www.purepwnage.com and as the movie runs in the page i needed a movie player such as windows media player in windows. can anyone reccommend an easy install player. regards L150
  2. Thankyou , that should work fine where do i go on compiling the source? regards Llision
  3. Hey, I'm going to be upgrading to FC4 from WinDOZEY , and just wonderind if there is a DVD edition i can download rather than downloading several iso's. regards L150
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    What would you say is the minimum of ram? before lagging? im running 256mb what you think? regards L150
  5. Hey, I have a netgear 54mbps wireless usb 2.0 adaptor which works fine within the windows operating system, but it requires software to be installed which is a great problem as it is as you all know only windows compatible? Is it possible to get this to work another way other than me buying a new one. All suggestions much appreciated regards L150
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    Hey, Thanks for the help anyweb on the selection, I have heard problems with LAG with this distro But i just dont no who to beleive can you confirm it for me? Also Is it hard for connetivity to the internet? regards L150
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    Also i will be looking to connect through the internet using a wireless usb network adaptor provided by netgear is it possible to get this configured to linux as it depends its windows software to work? If this is not possible i shall run an Rj45 straight from my router to my laptop. if that would still work which i belive would. Other than that i'm greatfull for any help you offer me regards L150
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    Here is my current spec for my system: [note] im not shore on what mother board It's a laptop. Harddrive: 40GB Processor: P4 2.48GHZ Ram: 248MB DVD/RW CD/RW That's about all i know from looking in CP , what would you recommend for me im as new as they come for linux with the above system specifications regards L150
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    Hey everyone, looks like finally ive decided that linux is definatley the way forward, and i hope maybee you can point me in the right direction in to choosing an operating system and so on that best suits my hardware. Regards L150
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