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  1. Rock on much appreciated. And i am WILLING to assume that you connect through IP such as... ssh for example. Just like with telnet. Rockin, now i can get some trouble shooting from my buddy. Could not before and hard to explain on MSN hehe. NOW i am THE set. Thnx a lot. -Path End of Line
  2. Ok the topic is semi vague. What i want to do is... Obviously run an SSH server on my computer. I am using Mandriva LE 2005. I am using KDE. /bin/bash. SO i know i have to activate the SSH Daemon to that the server is running from boot. The things i need to know. Propper paths. Where will the Home dir be? just /home/(USerName)? or like in a specified location? If i can config this in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file then bonus. Also what is the command to start/stop.restart? i do not know if the /etc/ssh folder is THE one. like example. appache is /etc/init.d/appache, if i remember
  3. I will tell you right now. There is no great man command to tell you everything you need to know. It is best to start small with "What do i want to do." and go form there. That i think is the best way for all noobs to start, that is how i started, and i am slightly less noob today. I will how ever give you a grand resource asside fomr this site. www.rpmseek.com. Bookmark it, great tool, especialy when you get dependancy problems. Asside form that, try to find the answers yourself first before posting... really helps the learning process, but it is just a suggestion. Good luck and welco
  4. Well to be perfectly accurate. I prefer Mandriva 2005 LE. I have used Redhat 7.3 Suse 9.0 and 9.1 pro. And i am now on this distro of Mandriva. About the only reason that i am more into this distro is because it seems as easy working as Suse but i have had best luck with Mandriva in getting things working. I got my WINE working for example. I was very proud of that. -Path
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