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  1. Hey, Just received the same sort of mail from the same user. Good thing I didnt click on the link. It was weird cuz i have not visited L-noob in ages - so a message was a little odd. Noticed this post and turned out that my suspicion was right. Thanks for the quick update. Hope u can fix it...
  2. Hi anyweb, Yea i read about RealPlayer playing the songs (didnt overlook that. Re-read it infact, before i posted. ) I couldnt get the mp3s to work on my system. Guess its me only... (Hybrid - MP3s on my desktop wouldnt play either. So i doubt its an NTFS thing..) EVen i just cannot understand why XMMS is not updated...wonder why its included at all. Amarok wouldnt play the music on my computer. And for some reason i never even thought of playing it in Real PLayer... if thats the only app that plays that format, how come XMMS, Caffeine or Amarok are set as default players. You think it has something to do with XMMS wanting people to visit their site to download the update - or they might be charging distributions extra money to provide the necessary plug-ins.. Just wish there was less updating to be done, right after installation. (Thanks for the review Anyweb.)
  3. Hey Richard, Welcome aboard & dont get yourself down about having a depressing 2005. The year is not over and you never know what will happen in the next few months. Keep the Faith. ~A
  4. There is no support for MP3 in SUSE. none whatsoever. even in the Retail version. none of the players could play songs - off a network folder or from the desktop. This is something that needs to be considerd (another reviews on madpenguin stated that). Even DVD playback is not possible until a DSS decrypter library is used. This is isnt something native to only SUSE. Many distros like Red Hat, Fedora do not give support for popular multimedia formats. ~A
  5. Hi xDamox, thanks. i was afraid you would say that. have to download more, that means. i was quite sure there was something available "woe is me..." About the link. thanks. I have version10. but i want an older one (read as lighter on the system) Thanks again. ~A
  6. hi, i was looking for some help as to how one can install a Linux distro from a Live CD/DVD. I had read about this a long time ago..but cannot find any resources on this. I have a SUSE 9.3 Live DVD. How do i install the distribution onto my hard drive? is there an install command or do i have to do it after i boot to the desktop from the Live DVD? I have Windows XP and Red Hat dual boot on this machine. I intend to remove red hat and install SUSE. Hope to hear from you guys. thanks. ~A
  7. 'Allo! Yep, intend to Zony. Danke. ~A
  8. Hello Everyone, I am Noob No. 1051. I have been trying to use Linux distributions for a year now. Right now I have FC4 on an 845-based system. Am still not very thorough with things because of the lack of time. I intend to get better and stop relying on Windows anymore.. muahahahahhahaha! I have signed in to a few user groups but do not see too much activity and lower productivity. This site seems to be more interesting and hope to gain a few friends and also help a lot more with what I learn. Here is to us Noobs! *cheers* ~A
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