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  1. You must be pretty frustrated with all these choices you have now. I've had experience with a good few mentioned, so let me break down the pros and cons for you... Mandrake: Easy configuration, but paying money for packages is definitely not fun. Put a X through this one, my friend. Fedora: Fair configuration tools, but it is a bit difficult to get superior multimedia support (because it is illegal). If you are going to watch DVDs, you may not be able to turn on DMA and your movies may be choppy. Recommended for business deployments on the cheap and servers. Ubuntu: FREE CDs!!! http://shipit.ubuntu.com Not recommended for laptops because of not-so-hot networking configuration tool, but it has great multimedia support and decent configuration tools. Recommended for desktops. Also recommended if you are completely new to Linux: http://help.ubuntu.com/starterguide/C/faqguide-all.html SUSE: Great configuration tools, online update downloads are genuine patches instead of the entire thing, takes a bit of patience to get everything to work, especially on laptops. As you can see, all three have their own advantages. I highly recommend Ubuntu or SUSE. Once you finish installing, don't forget to learn about repositories as those are the things that will help you add the functionality you need.
  2. Well... it took me a while to figure out how to get the things working, but this is defintiely a welcoming release in that the networking works a whole lot better (i.e. I could use NetworkManager to... well... manage my connection and auto-switch from wired to wireless when it's necessary)!
  3. For those of you who have downloaded the eval version of SUSE Linux 10.0, you can still have NetworkManager! After finding it off the OSS version's repositories, I have figured out all the dependency issues, what commands to issue, etc. Just download this archive at http://zinga.yeungnet.com/linuxWork/NetworkManager.tar.bz2 , run the script as root, reboot, and you'll be on your way! The script is as follows: #!/bin/sh rpm -e dhcpcd rpm -ihv dhcdbd-1.6.5-i586.rpm rpm -ihv dhcp-3.0.3-2.i586.rpm rpm -ihv dhcp-client-3.0.3-2.i586.rpm rpm -ihv NetworkManager-0.4.1cvs20050901-2.i586.rpm rpm -ihv NetworkManager-glib-0.4.1cvs20050901-2.i586.rpm rpm -ihv NetworkManager-gnome-0.4.1cvs20050901-2.i586.rpm gtk-update-icon-cache -f /opt/gnome/share/icons/hicolor With my current skillset in writing shell scripts, I could only write this much. If you want to improve this script, please reply with your improved script (with comments so that I could learn), and I'll pop it in there ASAP! And if it works, I would appreciate some words of encouragement/appreciation!
  4. dasunst3r

    Which AntiVirus?

    I say that Norton and Symantec are very good paper shields. AVG is definitely the way to go if you have to get antivirus on the cheap. Otherwise, consider F-Secure.
  5. Nice look you got going on there, actually... I don't see a problem!
  6. dasunst3r

    Which AntiVirus?

    Norton AntiVirus is the perfect solution for bogging up your machine. Also, I hear that it's a paper shield. I would suggest looking into something like F-Secure.
  7. Perhaps reading the FAQ would help: http://www.mrunix.net/webalizer/faq.html
  8. Well... considering that we are using our own server, why not pop in some of my friends? They're called webalizer and awstats!
  9. Hey, guys! I'm thinking about switching to eMusic and ditching iTunes, and I could use some advice. Here is what's on the scale: eMusic Pros: No DRM, flat monthly fee allows me to quickly legitimize my music collection, no special software to use Cons: Fixed monthly fee makes occasional downloading wasteful, but it's like a "financing program" if you really think about it iTunes Pros: A-la-carte pricing makes occasional downloading OK, Steve Jobs called the music industry "greedy" for pushing for an increase in price Cons: Requires use of special software, DRM (which can be broken) What do you think?
  10. What's up with the ads? They are certainly an ugly thing!
  11. WMA in a non-Microsoft environment?! That's a big no-no!
  12. dasunst3r


    My bandwidth is 5 Mbps on my college's network.
  13. dasunst3r

    Linux is slow

    A cleaner way of unmounting (and then ejecting) the CD is to either: 1. Right-clicking on the CD icon on the desktop and then clicking Eject 2. Going to Nautilus, clicking on Computer, and then doing the same thing
  14. dasunst3r


    I'd advise you to get a UPS, but it's very commendable that you're managing this server by yourself! Good job!
  15. Poor anyweb had his uptime reset... does he need a hug?
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