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  1. dont know why but the realplayer site has changed a bit first step is to get the rpm package from here: http://forms.real.com/netzip/fromrde.html?...type=rp10_en_uk then u can continue installation with the guide
  2. well as it seems with some reading problems like the above three questions can be easily solved as i understood these are some of the new linux user common questions now i got a real pain in the ass problem i'd apreciate any help i can get: i wanna install this app: http://thegraveyard.org/daelstorm/museek.php its called museek and its a soulseek client for Linux
  3. i came across this link which is very expanatory with screenshots and all http://www.fedoranews.org/mediawiki/index....ide:_RealPlayer
  4. and to save progress so that u dont have to mount the drive everytime u reboot u have to add it to fstab: type as root : # gedit /etc/fstab and add this line: /dev/hda1 /home/anyweb/win98 vfat users,rw,owner,umask=000 0 0 u might wanna check : man mount, man fstab and man fstab-sync for more details on the options dolby
  5. no.1 question is solved mplayer succesfully configured same for no.3 answered here
  6. right.. the installation was a success (at least i hope so) downloaded some addtional packages (d4x, xmms,flash for firefox,flashgot,mplayer,apt) updated them through yum with "# yum upate" and now using the updated kernel. now i got some questions.. 1) i installed mplayer using "#yum install mplayer" but cant seem to find mplayer on the menu. whatcan i do about it? 2) how does apt work? 3) how do i mount the hd's to read and write through linux? also how do i see my current partition scheme?
  7. thanks for the reply i have to state that this forum has been the biggest help so far for a linux n00b like me what about the mounting of the drives? will grub take care of it too or will i have to mount em myself afterwards? i read the topic refering to this issue but i have tobe sure that grub wont mess with the data currently on d: and the other two disks
  8. hi mates i am currently running a winxp suse 9.3 dual boot. my hd is partitioned this way: winxp: 8.4 gb ntfs (disc c: in windows) swap: 512 mb linux ext2 (suse): 6.2 gb and a fat32 partition (d: in windows) what i want to do now is reinstall windows xp in c: and then install fedora core 4 in the linux ext2 partition as dual boot. do u think its easy to be done with the current partition scheme? will i be able to dual boot? also i have two xtra hds (now ntfs but soon fat32) on which i want to read and write data through linux. will i have any trouble doing that or will the
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