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  1. Hi, Please can u read this Unable to view websites and let me know what you think. I am sorry that I have posted the same topic twice but I am still using this forum in windows XP and I am getting more and more frustrated. Thanks in advance
  2. I am at a total loss now. I know I am connected to by ISP because I can Ping the IP. I can still not use Mozilla. So I took some advice and turned off my firewall using #service iptables stop. Then tried again to no avail. The only error message I get during startmodem is at the end it says something like default route to ppp0 already exists I have no idea what this means I suppose it is to do with pppd. Other than that everything seems to be going fine.
  3. Thanks Lem. I eventually got linux to recognise my modem and I think it is connecting however when I start up Mozilla and try and go to a site It does nothing. I have tried setting up my internet connection with the wizard but I don't really know if I am doing it right. Question.. Does the "network adapter" mean Modem or is it referring to something else.
  4. djwhiplash

    Hi Craig here

    cheers Venom/arakis. I'm slowly getting there. For Arakis..... take a look at this thread The trouble with Voyager and download the file mentioned in the link. It still hasnt worked for me however I have now got 2 lights on the voyager working. cheers again.
  5. So I've got my new installation of RH 9 next to my XP installation, I notice from the off that everything is not as plain and simple as Windows. My BT Voyager USB ADSL modem doesn't just switch on in linux.... so I looked it up in google and got some instructions of how to configure the drivers but I have not got a clue what to do. How to set up BT Voyager USB ADSL modem!! That's the page I got the info..... If you have a moment please can u visit the link and let me know in English what I should do next. I downloaded the following files as instructed by the info: eciadsl-usermode-0.8-1.src.rpm eciadsl-usermode-0.8-1.i386.rpm Please help, thanks.
  6. I just entered linux noobie into google. Cheers!
  7. djwhiplash

    Hi Craig here

    Hi alll, this is the second version of linux I have installed (previously mandrake, this time Red Hat 9). The reason I did away with my last install was because I could not get my Winmodem working. Now I have the (dreaded) BT Voyager ADSL USB modem and things don't seem to have changed. (oh by the way I'm doing all of this in windows XP)..... I have the relevant details of how to get the said modem working in Linux however do not have the knowledge to put all the details together. I hope this forum can enlighten a novice and at the moment unimpressed user. I will not let this beat me though so all your help will not go unappreciated. Thanks to you all in advance.
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