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  1. when I installed suse i left root's folder in /root. All installs made by root leave stuff there (if they need to do so) winecfg sais it can't find /opt/usr/wine/config (!!!) It's rerally strange...
  2. I've mentioned above that the install doesn't create a config file in the .wine/ folder... I both install and run as root so there are no access rights problems... This is very weird... I just dl-ded yet another wine src, compiled and installed it and it does the same thing... No config in the .wine/ folder and, even if I put the one from the src's wine ignores it.
  3. I have a SuSe9.2 and I wanted to try out wine. got both the rpm and the src/tar and installed it (as root) everything went ok afterwards I decided to take a look in the config file and, surprise! there's no config file in the /root/.wine/ ... THe folder itself exists but no config. I checked the manual and followed the advice there and copied the config from the source package. I tried wine on some older games for start - RedAlert(1) and TotalAnnihilation. It works, to some extent, fine, especially RA. now I wanted to install some software with wine. THe installer starts o
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