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  1. This looks like a spam account, possibly a link to a malware site. Can anyone confirm?

  2. kingttx

    2 problems

    Gran, I second that. Also, if you can give a little more information about the crashes, it'd help. Have you cleaned out the dust from the heat sink/fan from the CPU? from the power supply? Do you have any missing plates from unused expansion slots? If you have a case fan, is it clean and working? If you feel comfortable doing this, use a static wrist strap and pull each memory chip. Make sure the connections are clean and free from corrosion. Usually a decent pencil eraser can clean those up nicely as long as you don't rub them too hard. Honestly, this sounds like it is heat related, but we'll see.
  3. This little tutorial took a little digging, and my thanks to the folks from the kde-devel list for answering some questions. Here are a couple of nice tools to both mount/unmount drives, and to monitor space on those mounted drives. Now, this does not surpass the fstab, so if a device does not have "users" in the options for that device, a normal user still cannot use this tool to mount/unmount a drive...excellent for the system. I hope you can use this. kwikdiskkdiskfree.pdf Enjoy! Tom
  4. Here we go! This is for you Linux admins. I hope this tool, KSysGuard, is helpful to you, and I hope this tutorial will assist in getting you started. Combine this with your logs and other tools, and you will have a tremendous tool set for maintaining a Linux server. SystemMonitoring.pdf If you find any corrections needed, please let me know here. Enjoy! Tom King
  5. kingttx

    Simple Backups

    I am generating a new tutorial geared a bit more towards Linux admins, and I should have that out tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a short tutorial on making a simple, quick backup using Ark. This is helpful if you are doing a major update or a major change and need to be sure you have files available to restore in case Murphy's Law drops its full weight on your box! SimpleBackups.pdf Enjoy! Tom King
  6. I recently started messing with a few other distributions and was frustrated with (K)Ubuntu's lack of mplayer and codecs. Although it is possible to find a good repository for apt-get to pull in those files, I found a much easier way to handle pulling in all of these files, including Audacity (a good sound editor), and the mplayer plugin for Firefox. Automatix is a script for (K)Ubuntu that pulls in a ton of different files according to what you opt for. For example, from the above link: Please forgive me for linking to another board, but this was invaluable in my opinion, and will benefit new (K)Ubuntu users. Please note that Kubuntu users have three additional packages to install before installing Automatix. Enjoy! Tom
  7. Jazzman, Please post your /etc/fstab and the error message, and let's see if that shows what is going on. Tom
  8. This is by no means a guide to Linux security, but this will get you started in administering users and groups in Mandriva. You'll want to know a little about user and group permissions before heading into this how-to, but you can still use this to add a new user or group. UsersGroups.pdf Enjoy! Tom
  9. Thanks! I will get started this weekend. Cheers! Tom
  10. Most keyboard shortcuts have been set up, most of them very similar to Windows. This helps those that switch over like I did years ago to be comfortable. However, there is much more you can do than copy, paste, and switch between open applications. I hope this helps you as you make your KDE desktop on Mandriva even more "yours". KeyboardShortcuts.pdf Enjoy! Tom
  11. Is there a quick/efficient way to copy these over, or do I need to copy them one by one? No problem either way. Tom
  12. I've put the Active Directory how-to to the side for now. Here is something for you laptop users, especially if you haven't set up power management (very important!). I hope you find it useful. LaptopPowerControl.pdf Enjoy! Tom
  13. I am currently trying to pull in information on adding a Mandriva machine to active directory from start to finish. I've seen different write-ups, mostly using the text config files (although there was a good one for Suse using their Kerberos 5 config GUI). While I am trying this out with the school's lab, if anyone has any suggestions or pointers, please feel free to chime in. I want this to have complete screen shots and plenty of information for us to use at any time we need. Now, I did notice the ability to choose the authentication method while installing Mandriva 2006, but I haven't yet found any direct means to change that after the first-run. I will be doing some digging this weekend, and I'll be trying this out on Monday. Thanks! Tom King
  14. Mandriva's Control Center has a panel to allow you to view your available services and start or stop them. Please be sure you know which services are needed before you begin making changes, however. Turning off some services is good if you don't use them. Turning off other services could prevent you from using X-Windows. Start/Stop Services Enjoy! Tom King
  15. This is rather intuitive, but many folks may not know what is available to place into your panels (you can have more than one, ya know!) In this how-to, I'll show how to simply add and remove KWeather from a panel. This how-to will not go into configuring the applet, however. Add and Remove Panel Objects Enjoy! Tom King
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