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    DHCP problems

    got it to work. Thanks. - 60mhz
  2. This works in Fedora Core 3, but I had to issue another command: iptables -F FOWARD The XP machine I was running wasn't able to get any of my ISP DNS servers. Thanks to FluKex in #linux_noob for the help! - 60mhz
  3. sixtymhz

    DHCP problems

    I try to activate eth0 through the GUI and 'service network restart' but it never picks up an IP. I was able to do this through Red Hat 9 perfectly, but FC3 isn't picking up any IP addressing. Has anyone experienced this?
  4. If I have a network with three "departments" (for home) and I need to make sure each department doesn't infect other computers with viruses, how can I go about doing so with Netgear equipment? Room 1 (personal) Room 2 (business + server) Room 3 (fun, experiment) Room 3 gets a viruses but doesnt infect Room 1 or 2. Thanks!! If anything, suggestions would be nice. I am willing to change anything (equipment wise and wiring) - sixty
  5. ah, very good. If that were so... what would have to do to the linux machine after the swap? edit: Now that I think about it. I dont think they do. They only use the MAC address of the cable modem. Because that would be to harsh, what if your NIC went bad or something? I don't think they do it.
  6. Materials: XP machine Red Hat machine 1900 catalyst switch Cable modem (motorola box) through RR XP machine and RH machine are hooked to the switch, blinking lights, eveything. XP can get onto the internet just fine. It has the static IP addressing of the cable modem supplied to us. (ipconfig shows this) I have the RH machine into the siwtch. I do NOT have xwindows on this machine. (I do, but I dont run it). My eth0 is up and running and I can ping my looback addy to verify the card is working. I ran the redhat-config-network and put eth0 for the name and for device and selec
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