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    SlackWare 10.2

    SlackWare 10.2 is out the home page is http://www.slackware.com
  2. Nasa


    I installed net-snmp on my SlackWare . An I dont know howto config it ? and hot tu use it somone can help ?? I olredy tried the net-snmp home page bat ther is mor about mibs not about how to configure it .
  3. Nasa


    I am traing to install mrtg and I got a problem After I install all the aplications for it in the install man is saing howto create the mrth.cfg si I do exactli ho it is tolen and i ghet the folowing error : can you help ? And you can post the entire installation proces and the cfg to so the all nkow howto do this in the future !
  4. Nasa

    Hi 2 all

    I am from ROMANIA . I like Linux SlackeWare . And I found the forum by GOOGLE . I was soercing for howto config MySQL. Sorry for my EN !!
  5. On Linux SlackeWare 10.1
  6. Nasa

    Counter-Strike 1.6

    If you have a high performance PC try the following: in the console o CS 1.6 tipe: fps_max 900 fps_mode 0 net_graph 3 developer 1 and post your fps ?? I got 70-200 FPS on a Gf FX5200 and 90-400 FPS on a Gf3 Ti200
  7. How do I config Traffic Control in text mod. How to create the script ? NO htb !!!!
  8. How do I install and configure SQUID !! - http proxy - ftp proxy
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