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  1. I have got that working, now I am trying to use it to install: http://www.compuphase.com/pawn/pawn.htm#DOWNLOAD Using these directions: 1. Change to the directory where the archive was extracted into. For example, if you unpacked the toolkit in /opt/Pawn, go to that directory. 2. Launch "ccmake ." (the "." stands for the current directory). 3. Press the "c" key for "configure". After an initial configuration, you may have items in the list that have a "*" in front of their value. These may need adjustment, for instance the "EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH" item. After adjustment, y
  2. http://www.cmake.org/HTML/Install.html I have downloaded the program, and extracted both the initial file, and the included tar. The tar extracted to /usr/local/ The instructions then tell me to do ./bootstrap? I typed that and there is no such file. I did a updatedb, and a locate, but still I don't see it. I am confused, what do I do now? (Fedora Core 4)
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