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  1. hi anyweb, thanks for replying. Well, i'd be lying if i said that none ever advised me to switch to Fedora core. Well so far i have been shy doing this move because i have made redhat my developping platform( i work as a professionnal web programmer). Only now, it comes very clear that the word EOL really does take its meaning . Well, i am even planning to install Fedora Core on a laptop which i haven't bought yet, and i suppose this is a wiser choice than installing RedHat 9 even, especially on a laptop where the hardware does not come as well supported as on a PC. Nevertheless i have
  2. Hi, i have recently installed RedHat 9.0 (kernel 2.4.20-8) on my PC. So far, everything works great only i could not say that much when it comes to playing cd's. I have a Sound Blaster Live card, which the system could still not detect. Still i am able to play cd's Only i cannot seem to find where i may turn the sound volume up. I mean turning the volume up in KSCD is fine, however i have to turn up the volume of my speakers to almost the maximum in order to hear cd's. Thus i have been searching every possible sound configuration program within KDE and failed to succeed in restoring v
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