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  1. i have a linux server with 2 interfaces eth0 wan interface and eth1 lan interface in lan i have and the ip for eth1 is i want that all trafic from lan which came on eth1 on port 21 to be redirected in lan on another ip lets say port 21 if want to acces on port 21 (ftp) that request to te redirected on port 21 how i can do that ?
  2. making a traceroute from Level3 network Show Level 3 (Frankfurt, Germany) Traceroute to 1 ge-1-1-51.car1.Frankfurt1.Level3.net ( 0 msec ge-1-2-56.car1.Frankfurt1.Level3.net ( 0 msec ge-1-1-55.car1.Frankfurt1.Level3.net ( 0 msec 2 0 msec 4 msec frankfurt2-cr2.ge3-0.rdsnet.ro ( 0 msec 3 [AS8708 {RIPE-ASNBLOCK7}] 24 msec 24 msec 24 msec 4 81-196-170-68.rdsnet.ro ( [AS8708 {RIPE-ASNBLOCK7}] 24 msec 36 msec 24 msec and same traceroute from telia networ
  3. try symantec corporate edition 10 or symantec clinet security that has both symantec corporate edition + symantec firewall those are better than norton antivirus or norton internet security
  4. how can i change default colors of shell i mean i want that [root@wiz ~]# to apper with other colors (yellow or red)
  5. it is all myfont aren't clear and i don't know why.
  6. after i upgrade my fonts firefox is like that
  7. i make some changes to my firewall seen now its ok .i wait cuple of days to see if i get those logs. i had 2 ssh rules in my firewall i delete one and let that one with ip limit ACCEPT tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:ssh limit: avg 2/min burst 1 REJECT tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:ssh reject-with tcp-reset and then : ACCEPT tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:ssh flags:SYN,RST,ACK/SYN i delete the last rule i will come with a reply
  8. no i do that long time ago i post new logs Sep 21 14:06:53 wiz sshd[2665]: Failed password for invalid user jean from ::ffff: port 35303 ssh2 Sep 21 14:07:20 wiz sshd[2668]: Invalid user joachim from ::ffff: Sep 21 14:07:20 wiz sshd[2669]: input_userauth_request: invalid user joachim Sep 21 14:07:23 wiz sshd[2668]: Failed password for invalid user joachim from ::ffff: port 36827 ssh2 Sep 21 14:07:50 wiz sshd[2671]: Invalid user corinna from ::ffff: Sep 21 14:07:50 wiz sshd[2672]: input_userauth_request: invalid user corinna Se
  9. wizzard


    iz psybnc]# make menuconfig Initializing Menu-Configuration [*] Running Conversion Tool for older psyBNC Data. tools/convconf.c: In function `cofile': tools/convconf.c:81: error: label at end of compound statement make: *** [menuconfig] Error 1 [root@wiz psybnc]# same on fedora core 3
  10. ok i did that : ACCEPT tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:ssh limit: avg 2/min burst 1 REJECT tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:ssh reject-with tcp-reset but in /var/log/secure i get : Sep 8 18:13:46 server sshd[4338]: Failed password for root from ::ffff: port 2651 ssh2 Sep 8 18:13:46 server sshd[4339]: Failed password for root from ::ffff: port 2651 ssh2 Sep 8 18:13:49 server sshd[4340]: Failed password for root from ::ffff: port 2801 ssh2 Sep 8 18:13:49 server sshd[4341]: Fa
  11. i write to afraid.org and they said that in order to administrate my subdomain i had to move wiz.rdstel.org on my name server so i did i move wiz.rdstel.org on ns.wiz.rdstel.org. i configure my dns but still does not work
  12. ok i get new tips from afraid.org i will try it and then hope will works
  13. i use afraid.org to make an alias to my ip adress and i set at home at dns usig the tutorial from this forum and i have some problems i have wiz.rdstel.org that point to my ip and i want www.wiz.rdstel.org and ftp.wiz.rdstel.org to do like same but i have a problem from my internal netwok and from server i can ping www.wiz.rdstel.org and ftp.wiz.rdstel.org but from the internet i can't i open 53 port but still not working can some one help me ?
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