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  1. Hi JoeW, I an having the same problem with my windows to linux connection. I have done what vemon said for you to do, but i get the same response bad password or unknown user. Vemon is there some setting in samb that we are missing or is it with the user account(s). Does a share need to be created ojn th elinux box ? sneaker
  2. sneaker

    file sharing

    Vemon, Thanks! i was able to get from the red hat linux box to the share on the w2k box. But I am still unble to get to the folder/file from the w2k box to the red hat linux box. I ca not seem to figure out how to grant access for the w2k box on the linux biox Sneaker!
  3. sneaker

    file sharing

    I have set up my network connections in red hat. I am able to ping in both directions. I can not seem to login from w2k box and get needed file on red hat box. My w2k box is set up as a work group. I believe i my not have the host(s) set up correctly on the red hat 9 box. My red hat book offers little help. Thanks! Sneaker
  4. I had purchased red hat 9 back in dec of 03. I puchased a new box and told that all hardware in the box was suported by red hat 9, it was not. So i have now installed in a different box which has all of its' hardware supported by red hat . My problem is that my 30 day basic support ran out and i can not afford to purchase a new service contract. I would like to know if there are any sites/mirrors that i can get updates for red hat 9. Thanks! Sneaker
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