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  1. I've just done a clean install of RedHat 9 and I've only chosen to install GNOME (as KDE gets grumpy about not being a WM) - I was wondering how I can install Enlightenment so that it will be my WM, but GNOME still acting as my desktop. I did it years ago (circa 1999) - but so much has changed since then. Any ideas?
  2. bstevenson

    Install Eterm

    That worked perfectly. Thank you very much!
  3. bstevenson

    Install Eterm

    I'm so clueless about this stuff. I typed exactly what you said (as I am also a RH9 fellow and trying to install ETerm) and I cannot get this to work right. Now how does one step-by-step install rpm's as a group? I don't understand.. yet.
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