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  1. Got some help in the IRC chat, cd ~Refx helped me out, thanks! Woot master deluxe for me though, I got Fedora 4 on my friends computer, all by myself, no help weee Great place to start learning, thanks to all
  2. |.Tipman.|

    Nvidia Issue

    I have everything in place and ready to go but* I accidently put the nvidia setup/file into Refx Home instead of the root folder. Now I can execute the driver to be installed logged in as Refx but it says I must be root. I try it as root, says its not there or invalid or w/e. So what I need to figure out is how can I access Refx's Home folder from root to open the exe. so I can install these drivers. Thanks for your input guys.
  3. Solved my own problem. I was buring the ISO's unpacked and as Data CD's. errrr When all I really needed to do is keep it ISO and burn it as an image, yay!
  4. Does this mean I have to make my ntfs hardrive, which I just got, Fat32? If so, will Fedora's setup allow me to do to that? Also, I have been seeing something different when I boot from the FC4 cd to install it onto my second HD. It goes to a DR-DOS A:/. Is this because I don't have a FAT32 HD ready, or am I suppose to begin with the installation in DR-DOS with some manual commands to get it going. Thanks for any help : )
  5. |.Tipman.|

    Hello every

    Hi everyone, what's going on. I haven't been in in over a year now. Using a new name now, have forgotten my old login and password, I hope to get started on Fedora Core again. I loved it and never wanted to get away from it. It's so cool. Well I'll be having a hard time as usual getting to learn how to pass through all the loops, but I'll have fun and there is plenty of support and lots IRC channel to go to! See you all around soon, and as soon as I get my 2nd 80gig, Fedora is on its way. Later guys. Bye
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