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  1. I use myself 1024x768, on my notebook/laptop
  2. This site loads Fine for me but yet again. I'm capped on 64 kbps connection. Since used my CAP allocation. So it's ok loads good. Hopefully next month. I'll test the speeds and tell you
  3. I'm 21 turned 21 on 25th of September 2005, I did nothing my 21st, just friends wanting to get me drunk and all. So i was really ticked off and all. Friends wanting to get you drunk on your 21st aint friends in my book.
  4. Richard

    Greetings People

    Thanks for Welcome me Anyweb. This is a friendly forum unlike other Forum, where Linux Guru guy's don't want to help you. I'm glad you helping me already with some of the questions. I've asked on the IRC Will Read the Rules aswell Brother
  5. Richard

    Greetings People

    Howzit all, I just want to say howzit to everyone first of all yet again. I just want to talk about myself. I'm glad to be part of this Community/Forum/, Thank you to anyweb for allow me to register. Country : I come from South Africa, Gauteng. Experience : I've no Experience on Linux or any free OS, linux,centos, freebsd, netbsd, etc. So I'm new or should i say Newbie. I've always used windows, I just hope you guy's will guide me to use Linux the right way. Age: 21 - sucks been 21 been 21 for about 26 days did nothing for my bday. What do you think about 2005 so far : So far 2005 has been very crap for me, I hope that language is allowed. If not really sorry for swearing... My father passed away at age 48. I'm very open and honest person
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