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  1. I do not have internet connection Yes, I will do this.
  2. The Linux server Red Hat that I have got in my lab is giving me this error : ((Destination Host Unreachable.....)) Its NIC is up, and IP, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway is fine, the Cisco switch where it connected is configured correctly, but neither any one can ping this Red Hat Server nor it can ping any one on the same network. Switch shows green light , that means physical connection (NIC, cable) should be ok. I even added the default router under the properties of NIC on Red Hat Server....it didn't make any difference. If I unplugged the server and plugged my laptop instead, they can ping each other (switch and other PCs and laptop) 1- Beside the firewall (enabling and disabling) that I have to check 2- Can I uninstall TCP/IP and reinstall it again (If that feasible like windows)?
  3. [root@localhost ~]# gedit /etc/yum.conf[main] cachedir=/var/cache/yum keepcache=0 debuglevel=2 logfile=/var/log/yum.log pkgpolicy=newest distroverpkg=redhat-release tolerant=1 exactarch=1 obsoletes=1 gpgcheck=1 plugins=1 metadata_expire=1800 proxy=http://proxy.ewrq.au:8080,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is our real port for proxy proxy_username=zillah,,,,,I tried this as well EWRQ\zillah proxy_password=ad123 # PUT YOUR REPOS HERE OR IN separate files named file.repo # in /etc/yum.repos.d [root@localhost yum.repos.d]# gedit fedora-core.repo Then I tried : [root@localhost ~]# yum update Loading "installonlyn" plugin Setting up Update Process Setting up repositories http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedo...ata/repomd.xml: [Errno 4] IOError: <urlopen error nonnumeric port: '8080?'> Trying other mirror. Error: Cannot open/read repomd.xml file for repository: core [root@localhost ~]#
  4. Yes, it does have valid name, i will check the authentication
  5. 1- First I updarded (not fresh installation) from FC5 to FC6 2- Then I configured /etc/yum.conf with this : proxy=http://proxy.ewrq.au:8080 proxy_username=zillah proxy_password=ad123 3- I tried from a shell console as root [root@localhost ~]# yum update yum Loading "installonlyn" plugin Setting up Update Process Setting up repositories Could not retrieve mirrorlist http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/mi...ore-6&arch=i386 error was [Errno 4] IOError: <urlopen error (-2, 'Name or service not known')> Error: Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: core 4- [root@localhost ~]# yum clean all Loading "installonlyn" plugin Cleaning up Everything 5- [root@localhost ~]# yum update yum Loading "installonlyn" plugin Setting up Update Process Setting up repositories Could not retrieve mirrorlist http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/mir...re-6&arch=i386 error was [Errno 4] IOError: <urlopen error (-2, 'Name or service not known')> Error: Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: core [root@localhost ~]#
  6. Yes, I believe so that there is something else You meant : I can write it directly into a terminal console screen or adding thme user's shell profile (~/.bash_profile.) . Yes, you are right.
  7. I was trying to install samba again (in case if it has not been installed properly)from Add/ Remove Program , but I received this error message : http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/4127/screenshot1rx.jpg
  8. With my box FC5 at work (Active Directory), I have been able to access the net , I have not logged in with my AD account , I logged in as username : root and password : forum,,,fake one (I know security implication, I have done this for test ). First time when I tried to open a browser, window popped up asking me username and password for authentication to use internet (I entered my username: zillah and password:ad123 my active directory account,,,fake ), then I was able to browse the net. When I tried to use the command below (via Terminal): [root@local]#yum install yum (yumes),,,,It did not work, I believe because of the authentication (ISA proxy) that I mentioned above. With the proxy , I followed the link below : http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/sn-yum-proxy-server.html 1- I added the line below to /etc/yum.conf proxy=http://proxy.ewrq.au:8080,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, because our ISA uses 8080 proxy proxy_username=zillah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fake username proxy_password=ad123,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fake password Then I tried to use this : [root]#yum update yum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I received this error : Loading "installation" Plugin Settingup Update Process Setting up repositories Can not find a valid baseurl for repo:case Error: Cannot find valid baseurl for repo:core 2- I removed the configuration above and I tried these: http_proxy=" http://zillah:ad123@proxy.ewrq.au:8080 " export http_proxy yum update [root@localhost # yum update yum Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/yum", line 29, in ? yummain.main(sys.argv[1:]) File "/usr/share/yum-cli/yummain.py", line 80, in main base.getOptionsConfig(args) File "/usr/share/yum-cli/cli.py", line 177, in getOptionsConfig self.doConfigSetup(fn=opts.conffil* e, root=root) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/* yum/__init__.py", line 102, in doConfigSetup self.conf = config.readMainConfig(fn, root) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/* yum/config.py", line 567, in readMainConfig confparser.read(configfile) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/* yum/parser.py", line 126, in read ConfigParser.read(self,filename) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/ConfigParser.p* y", line 267, in read self._read(fp, filename) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/ConfigParser.p* y", line 490, in _read raise e ConfigParser.ParsingError: File contains parsing errors: /etc/yum.conf [line 15]: 'export http_proxy\n' [line 16]: 'yum update\n'
  9. I have got FC5 , I tried to start the process of samba installation from scratch, but i could not get it done!!!! What I have done is this : [root@localhost ~]# man samba No manual entry for samba [root@localhost log]# smbd -V bash: smbd: command not found [root@localhost ~]# ls -Rl | grep samba* [root@localhost ~]# rpm -qa | grep samba* samba-client-3.0.21b-2 samba-common-3.0.21b-2 [root@localhost ~]# rpm -i samba-client-3.0.21b-2 error: open of samba-client-3.0.21b-2 failed: No such file or directory [root@localhost ~]# rpm -i samba-common-3.0.21b-2 error: open of samba-common-3.0.21b-2 failed: No such file or directory [root@localhost ~]# apt -get install samba swat bash: apt: command not found I tried to use: less /var/log/packages/samba* [root@localhost ~]# cd /var/log [root@localhost log]# ls anaconda.log btmp gdm maillog scrollkeeper.log wtmp anaconda.syslog cron httpd messages secure Xorg.0.log anaconda.xlog cups lastlog ppp spooler Xorg.0.log.old boot.log dmesg mail samba vbox yum.log [root@localhost log]# cd samba [root@localhost samba]# ls -al total 16 drwx------ 2 root root 4096 Feb 13 2006 . drwxr-xr-x 9 root root 4096 Jan 20 13:51 .. I could not find any thing Desktop --> System Settings --> Server Settings --> Samba Any comment where is my mistake ? Regards
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