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  1. SuSE uses the bcm-43xx driver now. to get it working you need to install the firmware,which you extract from the .sys file. i use ndiswrapper & bcm drivers with no problems. depending on your cards chip-set it may or may not work.
  2. or you could boot from your suse cd, choose repair ,& re install grub. that should pick up both drives & give you a menu when you next boot andy
  3. its a bug in suse 10, i had the same problem with my usb stick, couldn't find a solution, so just worked out if you wait 30seconds after last use you can just unplug it andy
  4. deltaflyer

    hi everybody

    thanks for the welcome,znx, you just might see me, i'm active in several other forums as well(always willing to help),but rest assured i will pop by andy
  5. deltaflyer

    hi everybody

    hi all just to introduce myself,names andy,live in uk(essex) been using linux for about 5years(yes i know,not a noob) thought i'd join & give help to other noobs.my distro of choice is suse,although i've used others,mandrake (now mandriva),damnsmall,puppylinux,fedora,slackware & some others i've forgotten. i'm currently divorced with 4 children. hobby is fixing p.c.'s & helping other people with problems. andy
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