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  1. It has carried on working so far and unmounts from the desktop as soon as the device is removed but I am reluctant to just remove it because I have had problems in the past with corrupted memory on usb drives (this is my 3rd replacement flash drive from ebuyer! but this may be more down to poor quality memory they use rather than anything else) In windows I always use the 'remove USB device safely' menu in the taskbar because memory can become permanently corrupted if it is removed wrongly. I don't know if this applies to linux though. It does seem strange though that there is a bug in suse 10 for something as common as a usb flash key.
  2. I have just installed linux for the 1st time (suse 10) and liking it a lot. I have got it connected to the internet using a usb wireless adapter (something that has put me off trying linux for a long time was the lack of wirless support). My only real problem so far is that my usb flash drive is recognised and mounted automatically when i plug it in and an icon appears on the desktop. The drive works fine but when i have finished using it and and right click to choose the 'unmount' option, i get a message telling me somthing about not having permission as i am not the owner and somthing about "fstab". I am having to wait until the pc shuts down before removing the device as i don't want to corrupt the memory. Is this a bug in suse 10 or am i missing something?
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