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  1. The list above is not new. There is another wireless nic out which uses the ralink chipset... This chipset i have used, and found it to be automatically detected by Linux... This is surely a leap in the compatibility range for wireless network cards in Linux... I bought my card off comlynx communications ltd, and i must say i highly recommend it to anyone. Cheers Mike
  2. I have found that the Minitar MN54GCB-R has a long list of drivers and vast compatibility with Linux. This is beacause the cards chipset is licensed with the GPL. My installation of Mandrake picked the card up automatically...and i was on the internet in no time. You can get one at Comlynx Comnications Ltd Also by searching for minitar, you can find a lot of information and troble shooting for wireless network cards. Cheers Mike
  3. I have fond there to be no problems with this network configuration, but then again, I use the MN54GCB-R wireless cardbus from Ralink....In many ways the best network card availiable for Linux wireless networks. Comlynx Communications LTD are known to sell this... Ther is also alot of spport on the web Cheers Mike
  4. I have heard that the Minitar MN54GCB-R (wireless cardbus adaptor) is supposed to be a very reliable and stable card, which uses the Ralink chipset, so will have full plug and play compatibility with Linux... I have found much support on this card by searching the web. rgds mike
  5. Hello there... I believe you have left a fully Linux compatible network card out of your list... I am the proud owner of a: MINITAR-MN54GCB-R Wireless 802.11G Cardbus. I have personally found this card to be very very easy to set up (even without the extensive support of the manufacturers website) and i get a very stable connection. A simple search on altavista yields numerous support sites and online stores from which you can buy one... Hope this helps Mike
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