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  1. i mean zoom in without loss of quality
  2. anyone know of any good software for digital photo enhancement? Like software that you could take a small picture, bad quality, blow it up with out it beign pixelated, and you can see almost every minute detail. I guess something like the FBI would use.
  3. its there anyway to remove that dumb "acquiring license" thing from video files, and other media files similar to this?
  4. so..... no one knows how to execute batch files on a remote computer?
  5. I was just using that as an example, I just want to know how to execute commands remotely, on a networked computer
  6. Is there any commands to remotely execute a batch file on another machine in the network? like say I wanted to open like note pad or execute any number of batch files on another computer on the network, what would be the command and parameters before "open notepad" ?
  7. hey all. I have 2 really boring and really easy computer classes at school. Like every web-site that isnt school related is blocked, its crazy. Sometimes I use proxy sites, but those only work to a certain extent. I even tried running a Linux Live cd on the computer, and tried going on the net on that, still the web sites were blocked, which means its all on the schools sever. I want to be able to surf the web freely, and play games and stuff. Is there anyway I could use my computer at home as a sever or something and go to the internet through it? anyone know how to do this? I ha
  8. yea, I just opened good old notepad and typed Shutdown -a then I saved it as a .bat file, now when someone trys to shut down my computer remotely, I just click on the batch file and it aborts it.
  9. nevermind, i figured it out. thanks
  10. what would I have to put in a batch file so that I could abort a remote shutdown someone on the network has initiated?
  11. How would I shut down a networked computer remotely, with a batch file? Im guessing it has something to do with ending the svchost.exe process. I can get to another computer, with a simple: @echo off start \\"network name"-"computer name" \c$\ and im able to view the files. but I dont know how to run a command on that computer, let alone shut it down. So if anyone could give me some helpful tips, it would be greatly appreciated. Other fun things to do with batch files on networks would be awesome as well.
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