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  1. Hi, I am still waiting for my ADSL so at this time i juse a 56kbps dial up modem, im using KDE at Slackware. How should i do to set it up? And now another problem, Sound. I have a SoundBlaster Live24 and in the volume panel it found the soundcard but i cant get any sound. //JohaN^^
  2. Hi you all, ive got a problem with Xserver. when i installed slack it asked witch desktop system i wanted to use and ai answered KDE. I want to try out some of the other desktops. at the install it installs all systems, like fluxbox, blackbox, gnome and KDE. i want to tryout fluxbox. //JohaN^^
  3. can someone help me with this?? i burned DWL* to a mini CD-R and took it 2 school... now i want 2 use it so i can use internet IRC etc. i would really need help! ipconfig does'nt work :S
  4. JohaN^^

    Nurse, Nurse

    this was the funniest joke this week hahahaha LEWL ^^
  5. JohaN^^

    Hi everyone!

    witch is the best of slackware and debian?! my friends prefer slackware and i'm a total noob at linux... cya
  6. JohaN^^

    Counter-Strike 1.6

    weak u guys weak i can only get 100fps :S why is it like that... and why shuld u have more fps then 60... the eye can only see 60 fps :S yea it kicks ass anyway
  7. sounds pretty cool... how do u got an invite? // JohaN^^
  8. JohaN^^

    Hi everyone!

    hi everyone, im Johan^^ and i live in sweden, my english is not perfect right now but i'm workin on it
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