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  1. thanks I'll try that altho the installer (unlike the debain based ones I've seen) doesn't explicitly give the option, and the only place I'm given a text input is in the booter where I have to choose c for cd... cheers n' all Donuts
  2. hello, I'm trying to install fc4 on my apple powerbook, all works till the installation tries to launch anaconda... it seems to recognize (in this order): gpu keyboard mouse then there's an error, but the message is too fast for me to read it properly, but i't something to do with failed to launch X or something... after that, the screen goes black, and I can only power down. is there a way of launching a simple installer that doesn't need all the graphics ? thanks for any help Donuts
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    hello all, I've installed ubuntu (my first steps in linux after a false start 4 years ago) and it's nice... all is easy but i can't seem to figure out how to install stuff that isn't in the package list: I've been looking around, and everywhere people say make this and make that... but my ubuntu "can't" make, so I installed make from the package list, but it returns errors everytime... what should I do/install to get it working (btw I'm on the powerpc version)
  4. hello everyone/anyone I am currently trying to install debian (31r1) on my powerpc (apple mac powerbook g4), and the installation show minimal differences. So far no big issue. BUT 2 things are bothering me: - i am installing off dvd, and it still want's to download stuff during the installation - and the big thing is: IT WONT INSTALL A GUI !!!! Even though I follow your guidlines, and have a few gigs worth of packages on dvd's, it always installs 50 megs worth of basic packeages, then reboots into text mode... as all of you, I'm a complete noob to this, and I wouldn't mind gn
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