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  1. how do i open and use forts for web? if ill visit http://iohosting.org:5589 it will show me a site... how? tnx Ido (Ido`s)
  2. my machine biit CentOS 3 and Fedora 3 how to burn the MD5? i shod only put it on one dir with the FEDORA...or not? i dont know.... HELP :\ Ido
  3. i have insert the Fedora Core 4 first CD into the comp and it sad the reading was FAIL! why?
  4. ok lol a Frind want to get ride of his comp so i took it...P2...
  5. Ido


    what the IRC ip and port?
  6. what release will work fine on P2? standart P2
  7. Fedora Core 4 will work fine on Pentuim II? if not, what linux will? IDO
  8. Hi i want to install and use Mirc+Servies.(on my linux server) and i want to install and use PsyBNC... so pls help me to install it... BTW: the teamspeak go great! tnx!!!!
  9. ok great tnx!!! i gona add anoter how do i so pls help... https://www.linux-noob.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2029
  10. tnx how do i login to the teamspeak? (via clinet)
  11. server! what is super admin and admin? what i can do with super admin and what with superadmin?
  12. Fedora Core 5 has been released? If not, When? If yes, Where can i download it?(fast) Ido
  13. Ido

    Micheal Jackson

    I think MJ is sucks!!! <snipped> let's keep religion etc out of linux-noob.com cheers <edited by anyweb> https://www.linux-noob.com/forums/index.php?act=boardrules please have a look at the boardrules above ^
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