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  1. cool i got that stuff working now but now i got one last problem hopefully.... lol when i edit the menu file and change the fluxbox menu etc... it changes np but when i restart its gone.. same with eterm after i configure it... i have to load up the ./Xdefaults file every time at start up... how can i make it save so its like that even at restart?
  2. k.. im currently using fluxbox on fedora core 5 .. and so far things are going ok but when i try to install idesk it says this *** The imlib2-config script installed by imlib2 could not be found *** If imlib2 was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in *** your path, or set the IMLIB2_CONFIG environment variable to the *** full path to imlib2-config. configure: error: Cannot find imlib2: Is imlib2-config in the path? You need Imlib2 to build Idesk. Verify that you have Imlib2-dev i duno where i can get these dependicies etc.. plz help
  3. cool thx but i got a few more question/problems when i try to install eterm and idesk i keep getting dependencie issues like for eterm i keep getting error: Failed dependencies: imlib2-loader_jpeg is needed by Eterm-0.9.4-1.i386 imlib2-loader_png is needed by Eterm-0.9.4-1.i386 libast.so.2 is needed by Eterm-0.9.4-1.i386 also when i try to change/add stuff to the fluxbox menu every time i restart it resets itself... how do i get it to completly save... another thing is.. how do i set up tabs? spex
  4. welll im back to linux again haha and since i havent used it in a long time i kinda forgot a lot of the stuff. i forgot how to configure aterm completly... :S would be nice if someone could hook me up with some nice tutorials or tell me how to.. >_> lol and also, for fluxbox.. how do i configure how it looks, use tabs, add back grounds, and desktop icons etc... i know ur suppose to use idesk and or rox but i cant seem to get it from yum.... it says not found etc... (im using fedora core 5) like the general file that configures the apperience of fluxbox... and yea.. im extreamly noob so
  5. well like the topic says..... i installed wine rite.... then when i try to open a very very basic flash game thats compiled in a .exe it opens up but it LAAAGGGSSSS like theres no tomarrow... lol and also if i try to use wine to install other things it just freezes half way.... y does this happen? any way fixing it?
  6. here it is the menu part /Main Menu System.out.println ("Please select a option"); System.out.println ("1. Play Game"); System.out.println ("2. Instructions"); System.out.println ("3. High Scores"); System.out.println ("4. Exit"); intInput = reader.readInt(); //Menu Choices if (intInput == 1){ PlayGame(); }else if (intInput == 2){ strInstructions(); }else if (intInput == 3){ HighScores(); }else if (intInput == 4){ }
  7. cool thx but wat about releaseing and renewing ip like in windows if i ever need to renew my ip for a new ip
  8. my source code as in my java program code? cause my program is extreamly long.... well its a few hundred lines long lol
  9. well u know how windows have its ipconfig.... i was wondering if linux has something similar in terminal (so that i dont have to go to website to view my ip when i ahve to) and also... how to release/renew ip and the command for it >_> lol
  10. i dont see any errors..... when i compile.. lol this is wat happens when i compile >javac CPT.java >Exit code: 0 this is wat happens when i build >javac CPT.java >Exit code: 0 and this is wat happens when i run >java CPT ******************************************************************************* ******* * * ****** * *********** * ****** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  11. i dont see any errors..... when i compile.. lol
  12. speX


    when i typed in iwconfig i got that... does that mean its not finding the card? im guessing it is...... so.. wat do i do? ! [root@localhost ~]# iwconfig lo no wireless extensions. eth0 no wireless extensions. sit0 no wireless extensions. [root@localhost ~]#
  13. theres no error in my code for sure cause my program ran fine in windows..... so.... ya
  14. speX


    lol here i am again with antoher question >_> how do i set up wireless? haha ! linux finds the card for sure.. since it asked me to choose which one i wanted.. so.. ya my wireless card is Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini-pci Adapter
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