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  1. Yep hybrid's right, the error is for SUSE 10 not having the source installed. For some reason it's not a default in SUSE so you have to go into yast and install. Also ndiswrapper is an RPM package on the SUSE distro. You can go into yast and do a search for ndiswrapper and install it right off your CD/DVD in less than a minute. I tried using that program to get my wireless card working on my DELL D610. I ended up buying a cheap linksys pcmcia card. It worked great. If i remember correctly Yast Installed it on its own. You may have to just go into the Networking area though and install
  2. I really like Motion Computing's LE1600. It's pretty, but other than that I love dell's. I just a new D620 from work.
  3. Nope, that didn't wanna work for me Thanks for the suggestion, will try that next. Another issue that I've just realised, that if I connect, it boots me off (on the desktop) so i'm connected on the laptop. I did want it to be done so both the laptop and desktop could see the same screen. *thinks* that I need some server solution for my desktop, goes to hunt! If you want to not log out of your windows desktop, then you definately wanna setup vnc server on your windows box and use vnc viewer on your linux box to see your windows desktop. It won't boot off the user logged
  4. Hi, I'm in desperate need of help here. My senior project is due in 2 weeks and I can't get this Smarty template program working which I need for it. I'm building a online shopping cart system w/ mysql, apache 2, smarty & php. I've been messing with this stuff for days and I have absolutely had it. I tried the way this book sets it up, i've tried the instructions for the quick install of smarty. Im not sure if its my php setup or what. I keep receiving this error: Warning: fetch(templates_c/%%45^45E^45E480CD%%index.tpl.php): failed to open stream: No such file or director
  5. Just wanted say great things about SUSE 10. This is my first time trying any version of Linux after being a Windows user for the past 10 years I must say the initial show was a bit much. This was a week ago. Yast setup 98.9% of my hardware automatically. That's great. My dell wireless card didn't work out of the box and still won't even w/ ndiswrapper. My Cisco wireless card works great! Once I looked around and got a feel for where things were in Yast I felt right at home. I'm starting to get a hang of the compiling and installing stuff, but I got a long ways to go to know what
  6. Maybe you should try using the source if the rpm doesn't work. I was just checking the Broadcom website for your card but couldn't find anything, are you sure that this is the correct model? You might point me to the product.. Not 100% sure about the package name on SuSE, try 'rpm -q kernel-source' (maybe kernel-sources, kernel-sourcecode, kernel-devel or something). Just fire up YaST2 and search for "kernel" in the software selection, you should see the package there. Sorry after re-checking the hardware it is a dell mini pci 1450 with broadcom chipset. After screwing up my l
  7. Try ifconfig as Root. This will list your network interfaces. ifup [interface_name] to start up one of the listed interfaces ifdwon [interface_name] to bring down one of the listed network interfaces Ive only been using linux a week, and still a wicked newbie, but I found this wonderful page with tons of commands and info: http://linux-newbie.sunsite.dk/ good-luck!
  8. The kernels' capabilities can be extended by the use of modules as you might know. Some of the modules provide "services" that other modules rely on. For example the module 'yenta_socket', used to handle PCMCIA slots, requires 'pcmcia_core' to be loaded first. Now what 'depmod' does is calculating these dependencies in order to load required modules first. The 'modprobe' command is used to load (and thus enable) kernel modules. When using 'modprobe', required modules get loaded automatically. So your error message implies that 'modprobe' is unable to find the kernel module you wanted it
  9. Im a newbie w/ Linux and i'm using SUSE 10 w/ GNOME as my desktop. I installed ndiswrapper from YAST's software management. I was able to load up my XP broadcom driver w/ the ndiswrapper -i command. i typed: ndiswrapper -m (for the cfg) depmod -a (i dunno what this does, just followed wiki instructions) modprobe ndiswrapper ( dont know what this does either) modprobe ndiswrapper returned the following error: FATAL: Module ndiswrapper not found I am logged on as root also. ( just trying to give you as much background on the issus as possible) > I
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