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  1. Purpose: The purpose of this forum is to answer questions, give coding help/aid, and provide a firm foundation to build your Virtual Server environment. Background: Virtual Server is a relatively new product that was released to compete with VMware. It allows you to run many different operating systems under one base system. For example, if you have a beefy system you can run Linux O/S, Windows O/S and FreeBSD all on top of your Windows XP system. Currently I have one Linux server (Ubuntu), two Windows servers (Win 2003 Ent. and NT 4.0) as of which are running on Windows XP with 2GB of memory. Pending on your hardware you can do whatever
  2. Happy New Years!!! Cheers to all.
  3. kZo


    Ubuntu is definately my Distro of choice. I have used Debian in the past, and still continue to use it now. Debian was the distro I attempted to first learn... A newbie installing woody on a P150. Right... that went over really well. Anyway, I found that Debian is probably one of the best Distros out, and with ubuntu now giving it an easy installation, and quick setup... I've got to say I am pleased. I have recently upgraded from (woody) i know, insecure to the latest of Ubuntu (breezy). Anyway, i must say that my experience thus far has been a very pleasant one. I am hands down an ubuntu fan from start to finish. Debian will always be my distro of choice, but now Ubuntu has now given me a quick simple install for the Debian that I have always loved. Anyway, if you have not tried it, please get it from Ubuntu.com and enjoy...
  4. PHP5 & Apache2 Installation (For Ubuntu - Breezy) Note: This is pretty simple. Just follow these commands and it should work very easily. Run If you are like me and tried to install apache2 before hand run this: If you still have problems, which I did on my laptop, but not my server. Odd, but here is what I found: During the PHP5 installation it did not create the files in under the /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/ directory... See Below I manually created the files by adding the contents below. php5.conf php5.load These files need to be in: /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/ /etc/apache2/mods-allowed/
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    What do you think?
  6. kZo

    Favorite Nix IRC Client

    There are other chat clients out there than IRSSI!? Nah, I don't believe it.
  7. I am along the same line as P38. I have tried almost all of them, but the one that I feel most comfortable in is Fluxbox. Flux gives me everything I need for a GUI. The only reason why I use a GUI is for web browsing, that is about it. So since fluxbox is very small, and is not processor intensive, I have decided to stay with this window manager. Anyway, I am not opposed to any of them, except maybe blackbox, just because it is identical to fluxbox, but less functional. If you like commandline, but want browsing capabilities, fluxbox, it's GRAND!
  8. I have an HP IPAQ 3800 with the NavMan GPS unit. The thing is very nice and easy to use. The GPS is great for traveling. I utilize my IPAQ for everything, including calendar and contacts. It replaced my franklin day planner. *WHOOT* I store tons of information on it. It's absolutely great. However, I've been looking a new PDA. It is a Zaurus. The Zaurus comes preloaded with linux, and has a 4gb hdd. This thing is absolutely tremendous. It's a fully functional linux distro, with perl, and everything. It makes a great development device.
  9. Perl coding contest would be fun, however it would eliminate many users of linux-noob. The contest should be something that even a noob could at least attempt... Maybe something like a grahpics contest, or a story on how you would impliment the Mini ATX. Best idea/story wins?
  10. 1000 users. That would be slick. Any chance we got a number count on "Active Members?" Members that have posted for past 30 days...etc?
  11. I agree.. I wouldn't be opposed to making an additional contribution. This place is great!
  12. kZo

    meet us on IRC

    Chat room is great, lots of people have been active in there to help out. "Join in today, talk with a tech for free"
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    This was pretty easy to setup. Just follow these basic commands, and you should be good to go. Just a side note: You will not be able to run the LCD and TV output at the same time. I've tinkered with it for hours, and wasn't able to get it to work. It's one or the other. apt-get install atitvout This will install the application to run the TV out. atitvout -f auto This should display something like "Forcing Rage Mobility/Rage 3D Pro LT mode." Simply put, this is running in the "LCD/TV" mode. The L = LCD and T = TV. Next force the card to display on the TV. atitvout -f T Of course you must have the svideo cable attached, but this will force your card to display through Svideo to your TV. Remember, since your card cannot display both, it would be wise to be able to kill the command and force back to the LCD using: atitvout -f L Typically I force it to LCD before I force it to the TV. In case something goes wrong with the display on the TV, I can always hit the "UP Arrow" twice to force it back to the LCD. Just a little suggestion. Anyway, I hope this helps anyone utilizing the atitvout command.
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    What did one casket say to the other? Give up? "Is that you coffin" Badda Bing! Bang Boo..
  15. When some money comes in, I'll make sure I add another donation.
  16. kZo

    Google Mail accounts

    Thanks, but I just got one. Thanks!
  17. Shouldn't we all be willing to give something to the site? Leeches!! Leeches I tell you!
  18. kZo

    Google Mail accounts

    If anyone has a Gmail account available. I wouldn't mind attaching my name to one. Let me know!
  19. I think it's a good idea to make sure we are utilizing this. I think P38 still owes me a Gmail accout because of it.
  20. Just curious why it would be under Wine???? Also, we free to display VBscript code?
  21. Glad to see things kickin' on Linux-noob. Things have changed a bit since my last login. I need to stay more on top of things!
  22. kZo

    Gmail invites

    Someone owes me a gmail account. I just haven't claimed.
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