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  1. Can anyone else check if that url works? As my dns provider denies it! :-s
  2. gentoo : emerge -ae world Gives a listing of all files emerged, some maybe missed because they were installed using -1 (--one-shot) which means they aren't added to the world list. Im not sure how you would find these, but there shouldn't be very many.
  3. Print then.... Though when i first encountered it as a windows user, i thought it meant "password"....
  4. On my gentoo install i have gdm which automagicly logs in after 30 seconds under my "normal" user name. Not sure how you would insert it into another distro which isn't built from the ground up tho.
  5. Rofl, in CS it means "you haven't learnt the camping spots to this game perfectly and you dont know which weapons spray enough that it causes anyone you fire at to die within microseconds. Realistic my butt!
  6. Yes mine works nativily. Drivers are in portage (not sure where to find them otehr wise, as i coudln't find them!). Using beklin 8180-v3 (Realtek chipset).
  7. Hate to interupt your thread, but just so you continue with this ill tell you a little something.... I am/was a user of lots of im services. Msn, aim, yahoo etc.... One day i got this message off of "some" girl who wanted to chat to me. Now this in its self was amazing, never had a random girl decided they wanted to chat to me but i went along with it.... We chatted for an hour and then she started bringing up the issue of sex etc. We chatted some more and then she says "Oh i've emailed you some pictures". I was like "ewrrr ok thanks?". The chatting continued and then i checked the e
  8. djsmiley2k

    longhorn 5342

    Looks alot like XP with a theme to me..... Anyone care to let me know whats going to be so great about vista?
  9. djsmiley2k


    Keekle! Another lamb to the slaughter
  10. It has carried on working so far and unmounts from the desktop as soon as the device is removed but I am reluctant to just remove it because I have had problems in the past with corrupted memory on usb drives (this is my 3rd replacement flash drive from ebuyer! but this may be more down to poor quality memory they use rather than anything else) In windows I always use the 'remove USB device safely' menu in the taskbar because memory can become permanently corrupted if it is removed wrongly. I don't know if this applies to linux though. It does seem strange though that there is a bug in
  11. 176 g 196 su 226 n 382 s I know what su is, but anyone give me a clue about the other commands?
  12. Hehe im with yardy on this one, partly because im not sure how to install another distro without screwing this up, and partly because gentoo is so gr8
  13. umm thay sound like good frends to me, isn't that what you are suposed to do? gus Yeah well for both my 18th and 21 me and a few mates went to the pub, im really not a birthday person as im normally drepessed around that time of year. Tbh if you asked your friends to just go to the pub, and they dont, then they aren't friends, but if you dont let them know your wishes its hard to tell waht to do.
  14. Yeah sure, erm... ill take allookly at the format and try and work on it :]
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