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  1. Looks like an ace post! Im going to try it right away. You should get drunk more often!
  2. Just giving a little bit back, from all I have recieved
  3. Thanks Going to try to be a bit active on these forums, as there's loads of stuff to learn here Thanks to all the gurus on linux-noob for helping me out when I needed it
  4. Before I start this guide, I need to point out that I'm a linux newbie myself, and I have very little experience with it. I have a passion for computers though, and learning new stuff is something I enjoy very much. I made my Wireless Network Interface Card (Hereon NIC) work on a HP ZE2247EA laptop. I'm running Fedora Core 4, from a standard, out of the box, installation. The following guide needs to be performed as root. The first step, is to identify your NIC, and what chipset it is. When this is done, figure out what drivers WINDOWS would use to make it work. An easy way to do this
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