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  1. No I haven't.. I think it's best I log onto the irc channel than chat post by post.. cya in a minute.
  2. ok.. I'll look into it. I have downloaded 'WINE' I think it's the source that I have. Is this a bridge between Linux and some Windows applications..?
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    I think my first post should have been here.. better late than never. Hello to you all.. fellow Noobs.. well I hope your all not Noobs otherwise we'll never get any help round here.. although if we are all driving blind then atleast we'll all crash together. Hope to chat to most of you soon. btw is there an irc channel ..? -=VB=-
  4. Well.. I'm a bit worried now.. Been a Win2k user for a long time now.. 98.. workgroups before that.. and now I finally think to myself I've had enough, I don't even want to touch XP, so I asked about, did a bit of research and came up with Mandrake. I was searching around to see if my beloved apps etc that I've used for so long will still work under Mandrake.. FlashFXP brought me here. I've been told I can dual boot but no.. If I'm going to take the plunge into the world of Linux it's gotta be 100%. So maybe I'm posting this for a little reassurance that I'm doing the right thing.. finally cutting away the apron strings of mummy gates. I would like some advice however considering I'm a complete Noob that has just printed out 300 sheets from various PDF help / starter files to try to get a grip of something I'm just about to jump into. ..erm.. this was my first post on a Board that I may become quite a regular of.. Greets to you all. -=VB=-
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