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    vsftpd Error 500

    I've still got the error. The permissions are ftp as the file owner and ftp as the group as well. So, I'm a little confused as to why I'm still getting the error... Any other ideas?
  2. Hello, I'm running a quick PHP script that connects to a MySQL database with a limited user (only has access to one database). Now, the user's access rights is wildcarded currently so they should be able to log in anywhere; however, when I use this user to access the the database via a PHP script, the said user connects fine but cannot write or read from the DB properly. They have all access rights to this single DB, but nothing seems to be working. Any ideas? Thanks, Iyce EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out. The problem was that my settings force me into ensuring a domain is set; I c
  3. Hello, I followed the topic 'Install vsftpd on fedora core 4' and completed setup. However, now when I try to log in, it rejects my username and/or password (even though I know both are correct). If I use the terminal to log in, I get the following: ftp> open localhost Connected to localhost.localdomain. 500 OOPS: failed to open vsftpd log file:/var/log/vsftpd.log I have checked to see if the file exists (which it does) and made sure the permissions are not an issue. Does anyone know why it is returning this message and how to solve it? Thanks! Iyce
  4. Hello, I've recently bought a new machine with the following hardware. Before I install Fedora on it, I'd like to know of any precautions/compatability issues (such as drivers) I may come across and/or need to know about so I can overcome it while I'm setting the machine up. The hardware is: * AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ 64bit Dual Core * MSI RS482M4-ILD * eVGA 7800GT CO 256MB PCIe * 300GB SATA HDD Thanks, Iyce
  5. Iyce

    Cheapest Registrar?

    Hey, I'm curious--does anyone know a really cheap registrar? Or is there some way that I can make my own DNS records and get the website URL working over the internet. Any information that you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks, Iyce
  6. Not familiar with IPTables but I will investigate that further to solve my problem. When I am at home, later this evening, I'll reproduce the error and post it. The application I'm running is the Network/Security setting (it's the one that lets you choose your firewall ports to unblock and the SELinux settings... forget the name off the top of my head; has the traffic lights as an icon) Thanks for your help, Iyce
  7. Hello, Whenever I go to unblock a port from the default firewall in Fedora Core 4 and a service is NOT listening on that port, the application crashes. If I run it from the terminal, I get output that states in the config.py file there is a call to getServiceByPort (or something to that matter). Since there is no service attached to that port, the script fails and the application does not execute. I can, of course, go into the configuration file and remove the port but I want it unblocked, not blocked. Has anyone else had this issue before? Is there a fix? Sorry for the lack of det
  8. Hello, I'm not 'new' to Linux, per-se, but I am still learning (and have a lot more to go). One of the most boggling things I have encountered is the root directory structure. Could someone clarify to me what each folder/subfolder is used for? (Yes, I know that some of this is tedius work and I do know some... but still would like clarification/confirmation on what I know.) I do know that the /home directory is for a user's home folder (aside from root), and I know the /mnt directory is the preferred mounting directory. Those two I do not need advice on, but the rest would be appreciat
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