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  1. what i did was remove my exsiting installed client and used the yum install method changed the port and mapped the one specific port threw waited about ten minutes and it connected
  2. got it worken thanks for your help guys
  3. Have you opened and forwarded ports? Normally the range is 50000-60000 but you will need to check with your choosen client. yep foward ports and opened them its not dead torrents eather they flew on my windows system another thing ive noticed is my internet is slower on the linux then windows
  4. i must be doing something wrong the client is installed but wont connect to any trackers at least i got one installed one step at a time i suppose
  5. i had a problem with the x86_64 version with the discs not burning right i got them from another mirror and reburned them and installed without a problem
  6. I've been trying to get myself a working bittorrent client on fedora core 4 for about 12 straight hours ive tried emulation with wine but i cant get anything to connect to trackers. I was able to successfully emulate utorrent with wine but its very unstable ive tried installing gnome torrent, azurus, and the original bittorrent nothing they wont even run ive checked the versions against my core and they match up I'm totally lost and i dont wanna go back to windows I've already gone threw the trouble of installing ntfs access for 3 hard drives my kernel version is kernel-module-fglrx-2.6.11-1.1
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