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  1. Ahh yes, thank you I got it runing now. I've messed around alittle bit on it and I think I'm going to really like it, I'm just mad I did'nt ever use linux back in the day just never wanted to jump in I guess. =)
  2. Ok, never mind I got it working. That was wierd though my other CDROM drive was messing with the main one, so I just unpluged it and it worked. Did'nt think it would though my only guess is that the jumpers were the same or... something. Anyway, Thanks for your advice got my brain jump started. EIDT: Now when I go through the test it says that it "FAILD" though. Thats not good... I'm going to be busy today it seems.=)
  3. Well I don't really have another CD to test it with hmm would it work if I just burned the floppy files to it to make a Windows 98 Startup CD? =P Just to test it anyway... In my Bios I have set "CDROM" as the "First Boot Device", "A:" as second and "C:" as third and I'll actually try to diable the 2nd boot device now and see what that does and we'll see. Thanks =)
  4. Well, I've download and burned the i386 version of Fedora Core 4 for one of my older computers. For some reason I can't get it to boot from the disc at startup. I know it is the computer for sure because I can get the disc to load the boot screen on another computer. I was just wondering if maybe someone had any ideas as to what might be wrong. I've went into the BIOS to make sure it loads from the CDROM but for some reason I don't think it even trys...Is there a Linux Boot Disk or something I could put on a floppy to just force it to try to read from the CDROM. I've actually put in the older
  5. Grim


    Just wanted to say hello to everyone! I have been reading around the forums a bit mostly topics such as "What distro to download" and I finally decided to try out Fedora. I'm not sure what to think of Linux so I'm going to install it on another computer for now. You will be seeing me post some easy(Atleast easy for most of you) questions around the forums and any response to them you can give in advanced are most apprecaited. Also, I'll be joining you in IRC sometime to see whats up. Looking forward to what Linux can do and hopefully a helpful guide. Linux noob, Grim
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