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  1. Hey noriko. I did lsmod and saw pdc running. I then did rmmod as well to remove the driver but it re-appeared after rebooting. I'm not sure if it's listed in yast, but I look and didn't see it there, i don't know where this driover is running from on the system. I know it's not a problem with the webcam software, because it was working in both kopete and kdetv, and then it didn't workmin either one.
  2. Hello. I have a Logitech pro 4000 webcam that I tried to get working in kde under suse 10.1. I managed to get it working for a time, I installed this pwc driver by doing make, then make install. it looked great, i viewed my camera under kdetv. Then for some reason after a time it stopped working, and i only see a blue image now. I tried reinstalling the driver but i can't get it to work. I think the stock driver might be interfering with the pwc driver i installed. if this is the case i'm not sure how to remove it, and correct the issue. i'm not even sure if this is the problem. any
  3. Hello Anyweb Thanks for replying. . I installed the win32codec pack full a long time ago through yast, and the source is the site packman. I can play most any other media, it's just 2 collection of movies that don't work. THey are .avi and .mpeg. It's 2 seasons of star trek that don't play for some reason. They played in windows when I burned them but in linux I get the codec error. So I know the files play. Thanks
  4. Hello I have a problem i'm trying to sort out. I have suse 10 and I use mplayer to play my videos. Most play fine but there are certain disks I have that simply don't work even tho I have the win32codec pack installed on my system. I'm kinda lost as to what to do next so any help would be appreciated. When I run the file which is either an mpeg or a .avi I get an audi codec error and garbage shown in the screen. If I run mplayer from the console I get the output below. RAWDV file format detected. VIDEO: [DVSD] 720x480 24bpp 29.970 fps 0.0 kbps ( 0.0 kbyte/s) ================
  5. thanks for the info. I copied that fstab info, altered it a little to fit the mount point on my machine and it worked! many thanks
  6. Hello. I've had some trouble with my usb based mp3 player. It was working a week ago but now when I plug it in nothing happens. I also had problems getting my dvd drives working but someone helped me out by editing the fstab file, so now dvds are detected again. I don't know how to go about fixing the USB problem however. SHould there be a USB entry in the fstab? And if so could someone write how it should look like? Thanks in advance. any help would be greatly appreciated. /dev/hda2 / reiserfs acl,user_xattr 1 1 /dev/hda1 /bo
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