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  1. Hey noriko. I did lsmod and saw pdc running. I then did rmmod as well to remove the driver but it re-appeared after rebooting. I'm not sure if it's listed in yast, but I look and didn't see it there, i don't know where this driover is running from on the system. I know it's not a problem with the webcam software, because it was working in both kopete and kdetv, and then it didn't workmin either one.
  2. Hello. I have a Logitech pro 4000 webcam that I tried to get working in kde under suse 10.1. I managed to get it working for a time, I installed this pwc driver by doing make, then make install. it looked great, i viewed my camera under kdetv. Then for some reason after a time it stopped working, and i only see a blue image now. I tried reinstalling the driver but i can't get it to work. I think the stock driver might be interfering with the pwc driver i installed. if this is the case i'm not sure how to remove it, and correct the issue. i'm not even sure if this is the problem. any help would be appreciated. I don't know what to do now. if i type lsmod i see "pwc" listed. when I boot up in the boot screen it shows my webcam as detected logitech pro 4000 on /dev/video0 i believe. thanks in advance.
  3. Hello Anyweb Thanks for replying. . I installed the win32codec pack full a long time ago through yast, and the source is the site packman. I can play most any other media, it's just 2 collection of movies that don't work. THey are .avi and .mpeg. It's 2 seasons of star trek that don't play for some reason. They played in windows when I burned them but in linux I get the codec error. So I know the files play. Thanks
  4. Hello I have a problem i'm trying to sort out. I have suse 10 and I use mplayer to play my videos. Most play fine but there are certain disks I have that simply don't work even tho I have the win32codec pack installed on my system. I'm kinda lost as to what to do next so any help would be appreciated. When I run the file which is either an mpeg or a .avi I get an audi codec error and garbage shown in the screen. If I run mplayer from the console I get the output below. RAWDV file format detected. VIDEO: [DVSD] 720x480 24bpp 29.970 fps 0.0 kbps ( 0.0 kbyte/s) ========================================================================== Opening audio decoder: [libdv] Raw DV Audio Decoder Unknown/missing audio format -> no sound ADecoder init failed Opening audio decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg/libavcodec audio decoders Cannot find codec 'dvaudio' in libavcodec... ADecoder init failed ADecoder init failed Cannot find codec for audio format 0x56444152. Read DOCS/HTML/en/codecs.html! ========================================================================== vo: X11 running at 1280x1024 with depth 24 and 32 bpp (":0.0" => local display) ========================================================================== Opening video decoder: [dshow] DirectShow video codecs Decoder supports the following YUV formats: YUY2 UYVY Decoder is capable of YUV output (flags 0x9) VDec: vo config request - 720 x 480 (preferred csp: Packed YUY2) [PP] Using codec's postprocessing, max q = 4. VDec: using Packed YUY2 as output csp (no 0) Movie-Aspect is undefined - no prescaling applied. VO: [xv] 720x480 => 720x480 Packed YUY2 Selected video codec: [qdv] vfm:dshow (Sony Digital Video (DV)) ========================================================================== Audio: no sound Starting playback... No bind found for key MOUSE_BTN0 V: 61.0 1830/1830 58% 7% 0.0% 0 0
  5. thanks for the info. I copied that fstab info, altered it a little to fit the mount point on my machine and it worked! many thanks
  6. Hello. I've had some trouble with my usb based mp3 player. It was working a week ago but now when I plug it in nothing happens. I also had problems getting my dvd drives working but someone helped me out by editing the fstab file, so now dvds are detected again. I don't know how to go about fixing the USB problem however. SHould there be a USB entry in the fstab? And if so could someone write how it should look like? Thanks in advance. any help would be greatly appreciated. /dev/hda2 / reiserfs acl,user_xattr 1 1 /dev/hda1 /boot ext2 acl,user_xattr 1 2 /dev/hdc1 /windows/C ntfs ro,users,gid=users,umask=0002,nls=utf8 0 0 /dev/hda3 swap swap pri=42 0 0 devpts /dev/pts devpts mode=0620,gid=5 0 0 proc /proc proc defaults 0 0 sysfs /sys sysfs noauto 0 0 /dev/dvdram /media/dvdram subfs noauto,user,fs=cdfss,ro,procuid,nosuid,nodev,exec,iocharset=utf8 0 0 /dev/hdb /media/dvd subfs noauto,user,fs=cdfss,ro,procuid,nosuid,nodev,exec,iocharset=utf8 0 0 #/dev/dvd /media/dvd subfs noauto,fs=cdfss,ro,procuid,nosuid,nodev,exec,iocharset=utf8 0 0 /dev/dvd /media/dvd subfs noauto,fs=cdfss,ro,procuid,nosuid,nodev,exec,iocharset=utf8 0 0
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