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  1. Is there something i have to download to do this? i have a few other questions 1. I wanted to update firefox, but i have no idea where its installed or what files to overright (i dont have an RPM...boo) 2. To install flash i just open a terminal window thing and type in Instal-Flash-Script.sh after going to the folder right? 3. and to install realplayer10 (everyone elses seems to have come with this....mine didnt, maybe because i have the OSS release) its a .bin file, what do i do with that?
  2. more like this Internet ^ Wireless Router ^ Suse PC With Wireless ^ Xbox Where Xbox Is I will probably be interchanging it with a laptop or a router so i can have both the xbox and laptop on.
  3. Well, attempt number 2 to switch to Linux, Mandrake didnt work out too well but SuSe 10 seems to be working great so far!! Anyway my question is, I have two NICs, One is wireless which goes to my router and gets me online, which obviously is working fine second one is wired and i want to be able to connect a PC/Another Router/My Xbox(eww microsoft) to it with a crossover so i can get online with that PC/Play Xbox Live/whatever. and a secondary question i have is i have a Windows XP Computer sharing a Printer, how do i install that? Thanks for your help
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